Proof 1×06 ‘St. Luke’s’: And no ghosts were involved

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Maybe. Does the Priest count as a ghost because I’m like 90% sure he wasn’t there with present Cat, especially when he looked exactly as he did when little girl Cat was dragged in for confession. That was mildly confusing, but the exorcising priest with his hooch wasn’t even the oddest part of this episode.

So they totally Scooby doo’d it. That squatter pretended to be a ghost to keep people away, and it actually kind of worked. Plus he saved the meddlin kids so he wasn’t even a bad guy. Cool.

Source: TNT

Source: TNT

That was really the extent of what happened with the ghosts besides so many cute scenes between Janel and Zed that I wanted to burst, and the sassmaster that is Peter Van Owen. I did like that he specifically said that he debunks supposedly supernatural things so that when they are real people will believe. He’s not the charlatan that Cat continually thinks he is, and I hope we get to have a special episode with him soon.

This episode was again more focused on the family unit, but it was enlightening, not annoying. Not only was it good because connected to the ghost story since the man who died was lynched for his color, and Cat’s grandparents completely cut her father off because he married a white woman, but it did bring up a lot of ghosts in Cat’s past.

Mostly the relationship between her and her father. Her parents both seem to hold the ones they love up to a high standard because they want them to succeed, but it leaves the problem that Cat and her daughter don’t feel like they ever measure up. That became ever prevalent when Cat goes to a church for the first time since her son’s funeral. The flashback was so raw and so painful to watch that the picture of the openly grieving Cat is jarring, and the fact that she feels as if it was her fault for her son’s death leeches into her life, separating her from her parents because she thinks they blame her as well.

Source: TNT

Source: TNT

I loved this exploration of Cat because it hit her in such a vulnerable place. Yes, Cat seems like an emotionless, standoffish, arrogant, and sometimes mean person, but she, like a lot of people, just lost faith in herself. My favorite line tonight was: “Faith in ourselves. For some of us, that’s a hell of a lot harder than faith in God” from the ghost/person-Cat-trusts-enough-to-be-real-with-so-randomly-talks-to-him Priest. It’s just so true, and it seems that with this knowledge we’ve finally got down to her reasoning for doing this.

She wants to believe, she wants to have faith in the divine, and if she gets that proof maybe she’ll believe in herself and forgive herself again. Then again as the Priest said “What’s the point of God forgiving you if you refuse to forgive yourself?” A picture of a ghost with glasses isn’t going to fill that void in Cat. She’ll just want more until it turns into an obsession; sort of like Ivan last week.

In the end, with finally feeling as if she were accepted by her family, Cat looks as if she’s getting closer to closure, and I’m really happy about that even though I know she’s a fictional character.

All in all, it’s just such a good show that deserves to keep going even if it will never “prove” life after death.

Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

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