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Proof 1×01 ‘Pilot’: I am out of my mind with excitement!

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It’s like Dr. House became a female surgeon with nice hair and no (apparent) addictions, and is searching for the afterlife! All while having a pretty fractured family that she’s working on, and a crack team of an excitable genius and Edi Gathegi…Well, let’s hope he doesn’t punch this doctor out.

Seriously though, this is the first medical drama I’ve been excited for since House, and it’s also the first life after death drama I’ve been excited for since Ghost Whisperer. I am pumped!

It’s not even that it reminds me of some of my favorite dramas that’s getting me all worked up. I’ve watched a whole lot of shows in my lifetime (this year has especially been a filled one), but there is one thing that doesn’t always happen with me when I first watch a show. It’s some sort of feeling when the show just clicks with me immediately, and of course that has a lot to do with personal preference, but great atmosphere, great acting, great characters, and a great concept have a whole lot to do with it too.

Source: TNT

Source: TNT

Even a lot of my favorite shows started out pretty shaky with me (I love and miss you Forever even though I didn’t like you at first), but out of the gate I enjoyed Proof, and I’m severely excited to see what the entire season is going to bring.

I’ve always been so interested in the topic of the afterlife to begin with (you know what I watch, it’s not a stretch), and a show that is unabashedly trying to tackle the issue that so many don’t believe in, or have a very strict spiritual way of looking at it, is pretty ballsy.

That’s why having a strong leading character is so important, and Jennifer Beals is beyond a doubt holding her own, and it is rock steady. Her character alone is so filled with depth and realness that it could be just a one woman show with this character and actress, and I would be hooked.

But the supporting cast has already lent a lot to plot. Turing is the main one of course, who underneath his finely crafted, arrogant, entrepreneur veneer is terrified of his inevitable end. And with him getting lost in his own maze you can see just how lost and powerless he feels. Then, there’s also Zed who is caught between the beliefs of his home culture and the beliefs of his career. He’s young and has a lot to learn (like a good nutritional diet), but less cynical than his boss, and will probably be a huge help to her while he discovers things for himself.



I loved seeing Dr. Tyler’s family life too. Her husband is a little schmuky and unfocused, but at least he’s still taking care of their daughter. And I absolutely adore her! She’s literally the representation of her mother at the same age, especially with the attitude, and as someone who has a close relationship with their mom I always love to see the focus on mom and daughter relationships that seem so few and far between in pop culture. Her daughter might also be another one to help her mother believe, especially since they both share the pain of losing Will.

We really only get to see some pictures and home movies of his character, but the loss in the family is palpable, and is a total driving force for Dr. Tyler to figure this thing out. She wants not only proof, but faith in that proof, and even with her near death experience and that little glimpse of her son, she’s still a non-believer. But if she gets another glimpse of that other world, I think she might change her mind. She already got a glimpse of that scarf lady again, so anything can happen.

Oh, and how freaky is it that the other-side just seems to not want to be found out? That’s a whole lot of scary when you think of it, and if “spirits” are starting to manifest on our side then that just makes it even scarier.

I don’t want to keep going because I feel like I can talk about this episode forever, but I have a feeling this isn’t going to be the last long review I’ll write on this super amazing show.

All in all, I adore it, you should adore it, we all should adore it!


Marnie Azzarelli

Marnie Azzarelli

is your average everyday horror writer and TV watcher, who finds herself connecting on a deep level with mythical monsters, and serial killers. She lives in a fantasy world that Joss Whedon created where she goes through a minimum of four character arcs per season, and Spike and Leo Fitz fight for her hand in marriage. When not glued to her TV or laptop, she talks to her cats about life, and writes characters that (she hopes) are crazier than herself. Check out her writing blog in the hopes that she’ll post more than once a week.


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  • @sandsting

    Interesting review, although some characters (teenage daughter, for example, though nice take on her attitude as reflective of her mother), eccentric “egomianiacal” rich guy are stereotypical. Since your profile says (average) horror writer,” I wonder who you think “Proof”‘s main target audience is?

    • Marnie Dee Azzarelli

      Thanks! And great insight on the more stereotypical characters. I do think that the target audience for this show is more towards the same type of audience who would watch something like “Ghost Whisperer,” or even a medical drama. It can be thrilling and incorporate a lot of supernatural elements into it, but I don’t think it’ll really hit a genre specific audience like horror.