Portlandia 5×10 ‘Dead Pets’: “Yes, they are weirdos!”


Another season of Portlandia has come to an end and it went out with a bang. This season was a completely different take on the traditional Portlandia sketch structure and I think the gamble paid off. Especially with this last episode which felt very cinematic and was probably the funniest episode of the season as well. This time, the gang takes on stereotypical activists, weirdos, and overprotective parenting styles.Guest starring Seth Meyers, Paul Reubens and Olivia Wilde.

In first scene we see our favorite business-oriented couple Bryce Shivers and Lisa Eversmith have opened up a new taxidermy shop aptly named “Dead Pets.” A little on the nose perhaps but it seems to be a successful business nonetheless. Just when everything is turning up roses in the Rose City, a group of eco-terrorists burn down the shop claiming they just want to see the dead animals buried instead of turned into trophies. You’ll remember the group of protestors from the earlier “Sea World” episode this season, this time they’re dressed up like Pussy Riot members and have graduated to committing arson. The cops of Portland begin a manhunt to find them which gets splashed to on to many news updates telling us about the whereabouts of the criminals.

The police are looking for Portland’s weirdest and begin by rounding up the usual suspects: people with black fingernail polish, colorful dyed hair, and lots of pale makeup. The end up arresting the weird couple from earlier this season who are even weirder this episode. They hire Paul Reubens to defend them who makes an excellent point that weirdos were the first people to try eating kale and I laughed out loud. It turns out the weirdos are not guilty anyway because the members of the eco-terrorist gang have broken into Women and Women first and taken Toni and Candace hostage. The police surround the area and Olivia Wilde ends up being identified as Brit Wylder, the daughter of helicopter parents who might go work with Tech for America next year. Her parents come to the scene and take responsibility for Brit’s actions, saying they coddled her and gave her too much freedom of expression. They also mention that they love Joe Cocker and really white blues music claiming that Hendrix was “just too loud.” I definitely got a kick out of that because I’ve heard similar phrases uttered by people like that before. The police arrest the parents for being too parent-y and everything works out I suppose.

So what did you guys think of season five? I enjoyed it, though not as much as past seasons. I feel like Portlandia is starting to move away from parodying a little too much and even though their original story ideas can be funny, it’s the dead-on parodying of the hip and weird that has kept me entertained and watching through the years. Tell me what you thought in the comments below!

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