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Portlandia 5×08 ‘Really Real’: Spinaroo


In this week’s episode: Carrie and Fred are seen in an ad showing off their new trendy microhome. A trendy new idea that’s currently sweeping the crunchy parts of the nation. Of course, Carrie and Fred have quite the struggle fitting all of their things into their tiny home and it looks like hell on earth to a private person like myself. Carrie tells Fred “It feels like you’re always breathing down my neck all the time.” That’s nightmare fuel for me folks. Anyway, two free spirits see the ad and decide to move into a microhome themselves which kicks off the rest of the episode.

So the Levine’s decide to sell their home and end up hiring a strange real estate agent, played by Anna Gunn, to help them stage the house. Anna takes one look around and decides to hire some professional help, after all, the Levine’s are into some pretty kinky stuff and she can’t showcase their home with a chest full of butt plugs and sex swings to the viewing public. She hires two trendy folks (you guessed it, Fred and Carrie) to stage the house and they put out lots of random wooden structures and antlers. It’s a huge hit and the home has lots of potential new buyers like: Fred and Carrie. They’ve had a little run-in with their landlord, played by Steve Buschemi, and he’s moved in with them much to their distress. Time to buy a house and say adios!

Kath and Dave finish remodeling their home and are suddenly in the mood to keep remodeling so they decide to buy a fixer-upper. They start eyeing up the Levine’s house as the perfect house (even though it looks pretty nice to me already) and put in a bid by writing a nice handwritten letter which they struggle greatly with. The Levine’s are advised by their agent to pick a letter so they perform a spinaroo, which is how they make all of their important decisions and wind up picking Carrie and Fred’s. After finding out they were selected and are now in escrow, Carrie and Fred do some research about what it’s like to buy a house and they get cold feet and back out of the deal. Steven Buchemi’s landlord character ends up moving out anyway which sorts out their problems. So the house goes to Kath and Dave of course and their ecstatic with the outcome. The Levine’s move into their microhome and start having all kinds of kinky new sex, much to the delight of their new neighbors I’m sure.

So what did you guys think of this episode? I thought it was okay. Let me know in the comments below!

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