Portlandia 5×07 ‘Doug Becomes a Feminist’: Independent mermaids.


In the cold open of this week’s episode, Carrie and Fred talk about coming out and how you should just be yourself. There are apparently many different types of new queerness including “homo-spectacle” which Carrie demonstrates by playing a girl who makes out with other girls to get male attention. Also there’s “homo-sonic” which Fred demonstrates by “sounding gay” but he isn’t actually. I’m wondering if this sketch was inspired by the many Tumblr posts about all the different types of LGBTQ’s there are. It was just okay to me and felt weak compared to an otherwise strong season.

The overall theme of this episode is definitely something I can relate to though. Claire’s crappy boyfriend, no wait, husband, suddenly decides he’s a feminist because he’s a stay at home husband. Mind you, Doug doesn’t really do anything but stay at home, but still he decides to support Claire 100% and starts to bone up on feminist terminology. He evens orders a shirt that says “Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History” such a cliché that it made me flinch. He joins an all-male feminist group (haha) that feel they should receive special attention for being feminists (LOL) and decide to go around to different places shaming men who are shaming women. It’s definitely the strongest sketch of the episode and it’s nice to have Portlandia subtly jab at male feminists who maybe don’t have the best intentions at heart without alienating anyone who may want to know more about social justice issues and feel like outsiders.

In our favorite feminist bookstore, Toni and Candace are approached by a young actress who needs some lessons in basic feminism for a new film she’s in. Toni and Candace of course take things to the next extreme and tell her that she’ll have to live with them in the bookshop for the next twenty years if she wants to truly understand what she’s about to undertake. Candace especially tells her that she needs to fight back and tell people to get lost while she’s shooting. When we see our mermaid again she’s in a shallow kiddie pool when her dad tries to tell her to come back to the sea and she pulls out a sub machine gun and shoots at him. Pretty funny sketch if you ask me.

So what did you guys think of this episode? I thought it was just okay. Tell me what you thought in the comments below!

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