Portlandia 5×06 ‘Fashion’: “I’ve got $80,000…we could spend it on beer!”


In this episode of Portlandia: Spyke is sued for copyright infringement by Portland’s own Matt Groening for his t-shirts of “Bart Ska-mpson.” Portland’s new line of Dollar Stores recruit Quinn the street lady as their fresh new face. Guest Starring Ed Begley Jr., Matt Groening, Oscar the Grouch, and Kumail Najiani.

Spyke’s big new business is taking off quite nicely: he’s making t-shirts with “Bart Ska-mpson” branded on them. Now this character has quite the resemblance to Bart Simpson, the famous cartoon character don’t ya know? So when Spyke receives a cease and desist letter from Matt Groening it’s really no surprise to anyone, well, with the exception of Spyke of course who in true “skank” fashion tears up the letter and continues making his ridiculous t-shirts. Finally this winds up landing Spyke in court with the real Matt Groening. Spyke proves to the courts that he met his roommate Bart Skampson back in college around 1987, a few years before the Simpsons were aired and ends up winning his defense. Much to the surprise of everyone involved.

Meanwhile, Carrie discovers she’s quite the fashionista and ends up buying premium denim that can only be cleaned with a tissue. She also starts wearing “flying nun” hats and all sorts of super fashion-forward outfits much to the chagrin and amusement of Fred who makes fun at her at every turn for her silly fashion choices. Carrie tells Fred he should seek professional help since he’s so mean all of the time and Ed Begley Jr., who seems to making a lot of appearances this season, plays his doctor. He diagnoses Fred with early onset grumpiness or EOG which is a disease that includes things like telling kids to get off of your lawn and relating to Oscar the Grouch. Oscar makes an appearance this episode which normally would’ve made me raise an eyebrow but it makes total sense here.

A new line of dollar stores in Portland hires a brand manager to help them connect with the trendy and hip population of the city. The brand managers go and find Quinn who is quite literally begging for dollars for beer at the moment and take her to New York City to have a total makeover. Once there, she’s put to the test in a fashion shoot while she holds cheaply made items and looks very awkward. But it turns out all Quinn ever really wanted was to be a beggar on the street and she returns to Portland and reconnects with her partner in crime. Together they spend her $80,000 check from modelling on beer money. No telling if hiring her ever helped to dollar store brand.

So what did you guys think of this episode? I really liked it. Tell me what you thought in the comments below!

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