Portlandia 5×05 ‘4th of July BBQ’s’: “Wipe off this burger with your FAAAAACCE!” | Gotta Watch It!

Portlandia 5×05 ‘4th of July BBQ’s’: “Wipe off this burger with your FAAAAACCE!”

Fred Armisen, Kyle MacLachlan, Sam Adams - Photo Credit: Augusta Quirk/IFC

Dave and Kath are back and this time they’re planning a crappy Fourth of July BBQ with the help of a punk party planner played by guest star Jane Lynch. This episode kind of reminded me of the brunch episode or the healthcare episode from earlier this season where it’s revolving around one central theme the entire episode. Guest starring Kyle McLaughlin and Jane Lynch.

Yay we get to see more of the mayor this episode! You can never ever have too much Kyle McLaughlin. This time he’s trying to plan a Fourth of July party which feels very strange what with it being the middle of February and all. But knowing Carrie and Fred, I’m sure this is just part of the plan. In his quest to track down the best fireworks in the pacific northwest, he gets stumped until a helpful stranger tells him about the “deep web” a place where criminals congregate and sell stuff instead of spies talking like the CIA wanted. The mayor finds a contact named Mr. Bacon you claims to have “firepower” for him to purchase. Mr. Bacon turns out to be Fred in a weird wig and tells him he has toys for sale.

Dave and Kath decide to throw a BBQ party with the help of Jane Lynch in a really weird wig. They need help settling on a theme and they don’t want to do another normal BBQ party filled with “toddlers running around with poop in their diapers” They settle on the “Sh*tty Punk BBQ” theme and decide to stock it with rusty knives, fake tattoo sleeves, veggie burgers and garbage. Jane Lynch comes by to judge the BBQ and they say that it’s terrible. Dave and Kath are super excited that it was a total disaster, which I suppose was the point. Meanwhile Fred and Carrie are trying to decide what to do for their Fourth of July and decide to party hop around. Carrie insists that they not say goodbye to people and does a “French Exit” where they don’t say goodbye to anyone. I’ve heard of people doing this before and not only is it extremely rude as Fred points out, but like…why? Just say a quick goodbye and scoot on out peeps! Anyway that’s mostly what they do throughout the episode which kinda just annoyed me more than anything. I think that was probably the point though because this seems to be a trend going around lately.

So what did you guys think of this episode? I thought it was okay, my favorite part was definitely the crappy punk BBQ sketch. Tell me what you thought in the comments!

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