Portlandia 05×4 ‘SeaWorld’: “Here we are back…mmmm…in the living room.” | Gotta Watch It!

Portlandia 05×4 ‘SeaWorld’: “Here we are back…mmmm…in the living room.”


Alright weirdos! Here’s your recap of this week’s Portlandia episode. We get to see the mayor finally! In the cold open we see a “shocking” art supply shop that sells all the art school clichés: beheaded baby dolls, broken TV’s you can stack and play static on, and you get a discount if you’re hunched over and wearing an army jacket. Guest starring Olivia Wilde, Natasha Lyonne, Kyle McLaughlin and Jeff Goldblum.  Here are the sketches:

The mayor, played by Kyle McLaughlin, wants to put his face on a Portland postcard. Carrie and Fred come up with a few designs for him but he doesn’t like any of them. They sit down with him and come up with one he’s happy with: a French portrait with his face superimposed on the bottom left corner. Meanwhile, a taxidermy shop is selling “dead pets” across town including a bat named Bella. Turns out that Bella is actually owned by a goth couple who want to write their wills. When they visit their notary she tries to offer them normal end of life solutions but they both want equally strange things. The husband wants to be cremated but not before an elaborate funeral is held on top of a hill in a creepy abandoned church for him with a woman shrieking in the distance. The wife wants to be dragged into a field by jackals and eaten, and whatever remains shall rot there.

A gang of protestors take up the majority of the episode as they try to figure out just what they want to protest next. They land on SeaWorld and decide to fly to San Diego. But while there, they discover magical things like fish tacos, margaritas, sun, and jet skiing. They get sidetracked when Olivia Wilde meets Jeff Goldblum and they quickly fall in love. The protestors get invited to a party at Jeff’s place only to find out that he owns a timeshare and is trying to sell them on it. After that debacle, they go to SeaWorld the next day where they are greeted by Natasha Lyonne (Orange is the New Black) playing an employee. When they try to ask her where they abuse the whales, she just keeps deflecting their questions by asking which package they’d like to purchase to see the whales. Finally, Fred steals a fish they use to feed the whales with and they leave the park to return it to it’s rightful home: the Pacific Ocean. But by the time they return the fish, it’s dead. Ah well, at least they had a lot of fun in SoCal!

Loving the new season so far, what did you guys think? Tell me in the comments below!

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