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Portlandia 05×02 ‘Fiancée’: I’m looking at you so hard right now.


This week on Portlandia there’s a video editing service in the cold open, a family counseling session for Lance and Nina. Most of the episode focuses around this situation, by the way. Guest starring: Justin Long and Gretchen Corbett. Here are the sketches for Portlandia:

Our favorite couple Nina and Lance are having relationship difficulties. Nina wants to get married, and Lance thinks that’s not such a good idea. The therapist (who keeps a literal porcelain elephant in the room) thinks that it’s Lance’s Freudian attachment to his mother that’s keeping him from commitment. When Lance’s mother comes into town with her new boyfriend played by Justin Long, he looks an awful lot like Lance. Turns out his name is Justin (ha) and he wants to marry Lance’s mom, who apparently has a history of going through crappy relationships. Nina plans a day out with Lance’s mom and has Lance go hang out with Justin in an attempt to get them to bond. Turns out they get along pretty good and Lance gives his blessing to their new marriage.

Lance tries proposing to Nina with a tissue box and she’s not cool with it, meanwhile, Justin is planning on having his proposal videotaped by a professional videographer obsessed with horror movies. This involves him putting a GoPro camera on his head and videotaping the entire day that he proposes to her on video. It definitely reminded me of one of those ultra-cheesy YouTube videos except with a lot more crime-solving. Justin does propose to Lance’s mom, but during the proposal the real cops show up and accidently shoot Lance. Nina is devastated until Lance reveals it was a proposal designed to upstage Justin’s proposal to his mom. The videographers capture the entire affair and I can’t wait to see this wedding! It’s going to be hilarious. So what did you guys think of the episode? I really liked it of course. Let me know what you thought in the comments!

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