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Portlandia 05×01 ‘Sharing Finances’: Sandra, I am unable to love.


IFC renewed Portlandia, a delightfully quirky sketch show, for two more seasons. Which means that this is technically season four or five or something? I’m a little confused about it but I’m just gonna call this season five. Anywho, Carrie and Fred (who play the majority of the characters in the show) are back to show us what the weird city of Portland has in store for us this go around, The sketches include:

Kirsten Dunst guest stars as a girl who housesits a house haunted by the ghosts of NPR listeners and NYT readers that share their opinions A LOT. She’s told lots of conflicting advice about whether or not too much of this or that will hurt her. If you’ve ever read a thinkpiece, you’ll be familiar with this format of writing and contradictory advice giving. I did laugh a lot at this sketch. Eventually, their advice ends up driving Kirsten to an early grave and then she haunts the house, giving lots of unwarranted advice.

The next sketch is what gives the episode its namesake is about a couple who wants to create a joint account. Despite the fact that the

Source: IFC

Source: IFC

woman is the breadwinner and the guy owes her $12,000 and doesn’t have any semblance of a job. They go to the bank and attempt to get a joint account but are warned by the banker that it’s probably the worst idea ever. Even though they get the warning, they go ahead with the joint account and Fred’s character spends a crap ton of money on a hot tub and the DeLorean from Back to the Future.

The dating audit sketch was probably the weakest in my opinion. While it did have some funny moments, and the concept was interesting, it was overall very blah. Fred goes out on a date with a woman who then decides to have him deposed about whether or not he lied on their date and it turns out he did quite a bit. This is sort of funny considering all of the rumors and speculation surrounding Fred Armisen and how he’s kind of a terrible person. Anyway, the punch line is that on their next date, Fred tells his date that he’s the sort of guy who kind of lies in the beginning of a relationship and then gradually gets more honest as time goes on. Then auditor then tells the girl that it checks out. Ha. Ha.

My favorite sketch starred Carrie, who is a young woman in search of love and keeps reading your standard inspirational messages written on a chalkboard outside of a shop every day. Curious about who’s writing them, she finds Fred and asks him if he wrote the messages. He tells her it’s a form of viral marketing and that she’ll have to go to the corporation to find out more. Once there, she meets the computer responsible for all of the sayings who tells her he/she/it is unable to love. But then the computer changes its mind. I dunno, I think this struck a chord with me because this is seriously something corporations do every day.

So what did you guys think? I really liked this episode. Yay Portlandia!

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