Person of Interest 4×15 ‘Q & A’: Meet the Root of Samaritan

POI 4x15.1

With this episode we see a lot of parallels between Team Machine and Samaritan. It was obvious that there were distinct similarities, but with the emergence of a familiar face we are brought the Root of Samaritan. Both AI aid humanity in their own ways and both dispose of people they deem a threat to their survival. One question remains: Is Samaritan doing worse than the Machine would be in the same situation? Food for thought. Meanwhile Reese tries to protect the next number, a software programmer with a mysterious second life. Lots going on this week on Person of Interest. Was this story full of shock and realization or was everything predictable? That’s for you to decide, let’s jump into “Q & A”


This episode’s POI is Anna Mueller, a developer at a successful software company that Reese has gotten into as a part-time security guard. The company’s latest project VALE is a personal assistant on your phone. While Finch, disguised as Whistler, talks with the heads of the company Lauren and Calvin while Reese watches over Anna. She receives a text from a man named Alec, which appears to cause her distress. Between that and the bruises on her arms Reese believes that she is in an abusive relationship. Anna goes to lunch with a co-worker Naresh who advises her to stop meddling in company problems. Reese follows Anna to her meeting with Alec where it is revealed that she is an underground MMA fighter named ‘The Annihilator’ and that Alec is her trainer. Reese watches as The Annihilator takes out her opponent with ease. This leads Finch and Reese to believe she is a perpetrator.

Reese looks into Anna’s background and learns that she did martial arts in school. MMA fights are illegal in New York so that could be why her number came up. He visits her house and finds Anna’s sister Jill, who is going through chemotherapy. Reese continues to deal with menial workplace tussles while he watches over Anna who is avoiding her sister. She looks for Naresh, but he never came to work that day. Lauren calls Anna into a meeting where they discuss a man named Paul Zimmerman who is part of a potential scandal and that if Anna continues to look into this her future at the company will be in question. As Anna goes home she is attacked by two masked men, but luckily for her Reese intervenes.

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

Reese and Fusco talk to Anna at the precinct. She believes the attack has to do with Paul Zimmerman. He asked VALE for a suicide hotline, but instead received results on ways to kill himself. Uh what?! She asked Naresh to look into it, but he was too late and Zimmerman was dead. She suspects that Naresh’s absence at work is not an accident. When asked why she would help a complete stranger Anna says someone in her life asked the same question and ended their life, she didn’t want it to happen again. Reese goes to visit Naresh at his new job, a promotion that came on rather quickly, when Anna receives a message about Jill’s state prompting her and Fusco to rush to their home. At Jill’s house the EMTs haven’t arrived, Anna runs to the door, but when she looks back Fusco has been knocked unconscious. The masked men are there and they take Anna, but when Reese finds out he is quickly on their trail.

Anna wakes up in her captors car and begins to fight back. The car swerves around as Reese walks out into the street. He fires a shot at the car and they crash allowing him to rescue Anna. She reveals to Reese that she took up MMA fighting to get out her anger and frustration surrounding Jill’s situation. Meanwhile Fusco convinces Naresh to bring the Zimmerman situation to Lauren, but as they confront her Calvin enters with a private security detail. He is behind it! Uh oh Fusco is in trouble. Calvin reveals he manipulated VALE to shape people’s emotions and that casualties are not his biggest concern. Suddenly Anna and Reese intervene and Team Machine takes down the baddies. At the end of the day Anna thanks Reese for helping her realize she needs to tackle her problems head on and she heads home to her sister.

POI 4x15.3

Meanwhile the secondary storyline continues on from the earlier episode Nautilus (read here to catch up). Finch is walking home when he sees a lost dog paper identical to the one Samaritan used for the Nautilus program. Upon further inspection Finch notices the phone number puzzle decodes to GPS coordinates on the shadow map, meaning it isn’t made by Samaritan. He looks deeper into the image and finds code saying ‘You were right.’ Reese is on his own with Anna, Finch needs to save Claire. Finch meets up with Claire in the shadow map where she says the people who took her are beyond anything she imagined. Suddenly she is shot, but Finch escapes with her. Finch brings Claire to a mortuary to close her wound. She tells him about what happened after she solved the last puzzle.

‘Make the world a better place.’

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

She hacked their system and found out that all the information she has been getting has helped them kill people, innocent people. One in particular she cannot forget is Charles Winn. She knew then that she needed to find Finch to tell him. Finch tells Claire about Samaritan and its plans for the world. Claire figures if they team up they can kill Samaritan. He calls Reese to look up death records for Charles Winn. Finch comes out to tend to Claire, she asks if he has looked at the flashdrive she gave him. IT’S A TRAP. He asks her about the particulars to Winn’s death. She says put the flashdrive in his computer. She puts on a show, but Finch doesn’t fall for it.

‘Go run home to Samaritan.’

She tries to convince him that she isn’t all bad, and that Samaritan will kill her. Finch sits back down. NOOO. ‘Samaritan is hunting us. Let’s hunt it back.’ Claire gives Finch the flashdrive again. A security guard interrupts them, but Finch has it. He smacks him with an urn and they run away. Finch and Claire prepare to leave the morgue when. ‘You’re like a one man revolution Harold.’ WHAT. HE DIDN’T SAY HIS NAME. She pulls out a gun. YOU BITCH. She wants his phone and laptop, and she is instructed to take him alive to meet the one and only Samaritan. Claire brings Finch to a school to show him that Samaritan is helping save humanity by setting up schools for the less fortunate.

‘Join us.’ ‘And if I refuse?’

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

A bunch of men come out of the library stacks and Finch is escorted out. They walk out when the men are all shot. Root walks up. ‘Nice to finally meet you Claire.’ She shoots her in the shoulder and retrieves a phone. ‘C’mon Harry.’ Finch and Reese meet in the Underground where Reese wants updates on the whole Samaritan situation. Finch planted a GPS beacon in the laptop, but Samaritan found it. This game is played to a draw. Claire asks Greer about why the sniper shot her when it was meant to distill fear in Finch. All for a good cause. That should cause skepticism in Claire. Greer comes to a meeting with Lauren about steering their company in the right direction. God dammit.

  • What has Root been up to?
  • Will Claire realize that Samaritan doesn’t care what happens to its assets?
  • What is Samaritan’s plan with VALE?

What did you think of this episode of Person of Interest? Was the story shocking or predictable? Do you have any theories as to what may happen in future episodes? Let me know in the comments below!

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