Parks and Recreation 7×12 ‘One Last Ride’: Farewell Pawnee.


How’s everyone feeling about one of the best comedy series of all time ending? Yeah me too. It’s hard to say goodbye to a show that has brought so much positivity and joy into so many people’s lives. Hanging out with Leslie Knope and her pals got me through some tough times and made me laugh a whole lot. Well alright peeps, let’s check into all of our favorite characters one last time.

Donna- The show goes back and forth between the present and the future throughout the episode which I totally dug because we gets little peeks into everyone’s lives about five to six years in the future. By 2022, Donna and her husband have happily settled in Seattle and Donna has become quite the real estate mogul. Donna’s husband is still a teacher who wishes he could make a difference so Donna donates a bunch of money to April’s newest venture “Teach Yo’ Self” so that he can help kids learn to do whatever they want. Looks like everything has worked out great for them.

Tom- The first thing we see is Tom deciding to take Tom’s Bistro national and it seems like an excellent decision. Well it turns out it’s not

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

and his new chain of bistros fails and Tom loses everything. Apparently there’s a huge beef shortage in America in the near future which grounds his business to a halt. Lucy tells him to get back up and keep going, he’ll figure it out because he always does. Then Tom writes a best-selling book about failure and success in America where he break up successful types of people based on his old Pawnee crew. Tom has always been a hustler, looks like he never gave up.

Gary/Larry/Barry- Gary gets elected as the full on mayor soon after finishing his interim service. Then in the years to follow he gets elected mayor over and over again. We get to see Gary make it all the way to 100 years old and he looks super happy with his huge family. We see Leslie and Ben at his funeral and there’s a hint that one of them might have been elected president, but we never find out for sure. A perfect and actually, super positive ending to a character who has always been a joke. That’s another reason I love this show: it always ends on a high note.

Ron- After his company, Very Good Building Company, survives a recession and turns a heavy profit, Ron suddenly decides to resign as chairman of the board. He goes to see Leslie in Washington D.C. and asks her to help him find a new job that will make a difference. Leslie takes Ron to Pawnee National Park and offers him the Park superintendent job which she says she’ll know he’ll love because he gets to talk to bears and walk around the park all day. Ron accepts, even though that means working for the government again, and continues to be a grumpy Gus. Ron is often cited as the favorite character for many people on Parks and Rec because he’s down to earth and hilarious and I think this was a perfect send off for him.

Andy and April- After moving to D.C. it looks like Andy and April are on the fence about starting a family together and they ask Leslie and Ben for advice. Leslie tells April she can’t tell her if she should or shouldn’t have kids but it seems like April has already made up her mind. Next Halloween she goes into labor and gives birth to a baby boy named Jack, short for Jack-o-Lantern of course. The show doesn’t really say whether or not Andy revived his career on television in D.C. but I’m assuming he did because he does mention his signature characters several times throughout the episode. Out of all of the characters I wish that Andy and April had their own weird spinoff because that would be awesome.

Leslie and Ben- After taking it upon her team to complete one last task before leaving Pawnee for good, Leslie decides to say goodbye to everyone individually which is where we see their flash-forwards. In Leslie and Ben’s future, they’re taking D.C. by storm and hanging out with Joe Biden all the time and playing charades.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Both Leslie and Ben get tapped to run for Govern of Indiana and they decide to run against each other despite the very odd situation this will cause for them. They head back to Pawnee to visit and Ben brings all of their old friends in to see them including Ann and Chris! I was so worried they weren’t going to show up for the final season for real! Leslie freaks out of course and they all catch up with each other and spend time getting to know everyone all over again. It’s here that Ben announces Leslie is running for Governor and decides to step out of the race for her. Leslie wins of course and gives a graduation speech at Indiana State University telling the students to work hard at work worth doing. The University decides to name their library after her which Leslie isn’t super stoked about but oh well. Leslie’s final words to the camera are “I’m ready.” Which I think sums up her attitude towards life in general and the show’s sunny and optimistic attitudes towards life.

So what did you guys think of the series finale? I loved it, it was just perfect, and a super excellent ending that so many sitcoms seem to fail at whenever their time is up. I’m sorry to see Pawnee go, but it was time. Tell me what you thought in the comments below!

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