Parks and Recreation 7×10 and 7×11 ‘The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show’ and ‘Two Funerals.’ | Gotta Watch It!

Parks and Recreation 7×10 and 7×11 ‘The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show’ and ‘Two Funerals.’


Welcome back to Pawnee, Indiana folks! Man these episodes sure are getting sad now that we’re nearing the end of the series. But there’s still a lot of laughs to go around: it’s Andy’s last appearance as Johnny Karate on the local Pawnee channel and for some reason that almost brought me to tears even though it was super hilarious and awesome. In the next episode, two beloved Pawnee icons die and it spins our characters into dismay.

So in the first episode, it’s literally just an episode of The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show. Not so easy to recap this one that’s for sure. Andy does a great job of running around for the kids and pretending to be Burt Mackland, FBI agent extraordinaire. He has to go through five steps in total: 1. Build Something, 2. Learning Something, 3. Karate Chop Something, 4. Do Something New and 5. Be Nice to Someone. All of our favorites make an appearance to help out: Ron shows up as the friendly carpenter who teaches the kids how to make a shadow box while avoiding hugs from Andy. Ben shows up as Professor Smart Brain to help the kids learn something new. April shows up with a birth eating goliath tarantula that gets loose in the studio and ends up terrorizing John Cena. Donna shows up as the chief of police and Barry gets beat up by tiny ninjas.

Leslie also shows up to pay tribute to Andy and they go through all of the cool stuff he’s done throughout his journey at city hall.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Throughout the show we see April get sadder and sadder since she knows she’s pulling Andy away from something who truly loves doing and is good at. Towards the end of the show Andy tries to thank April on screen for all she has done for him but she runs off. He follows her and she tells him through tears that she’s upset that she’s taking him away from all this. Andy tells her that she’s what he loves and this is just the next step in their big life adventure together. I thought it was a very sweet scene.

In the next episode, the beloved mayor of Pawnee is found dead, played by Bill Murray. Since Ben is the city manager he has to find an interim mayor to take his place for the time being. April suggests that Ben take over since he’s been a mayor before, Ben thinks this is a terrible idea since his own reputation was ruined for many years because of his failed mayoral run in Minnesota. We also find out that Donna and her new husband have just closed on a house in Seattle. Seems like everyone is moving on- Andy, April, Ben, and Leslie are all moving to Washington D.C. and who knows where Tom will end up.

What did you guys think of these episodes? I really liked them and I’m sad that we don’t have much more to go on the series. Tell me what you thought in the comments!

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