Parks and Recreation 7×08 and 7×09 ‘Mrs. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington’/ ‘Pie-Mary’


Hey there Parks and Rec fans! Looks like NBC decided to pair up two episodes again and like most of the season they’re directly related to big character changes. Leslie and Ben are of course being pulled in two directions: Pawnee and Washington D.C. but I think we all know where they’re going to end up right? April is still trying to find her path in life but she gets much closer to the finish line this time around. Andy is really good at screwing up things with fireworks and Ron gets a little sentimental.

April accompanies Leslie to Washington D.C. on a quick parks related campaign only to discover that Leslie has mapped out the next five years of her career in government in a handy binder. We all know that April’s job anxiety has been pretty bad lately and this kicks it into overdrive which leads Andy, Ben, and Ron to searching for a new job for April back in Pawnee. They wind up at Ben’s old accounting firm and find out there’s a consultant spot open that may be just what April is looking for. It ticks off several boxes on her “things I want in a new job” list including, being her own boss, creative problem solving, and not being the most popular person in the office. While she may not be qualified for the position Ben and Ron endeavor to build up her resume to make her a more impressive candidate.

Meanwhile, Leslie and April are getting stuff done in D.C. and Leslie gets offered a Director position at the Department of the Interior. Leslie seems super stoked about it and she accepts the position which means that she’ll be splitting her time between Pawnee and D.C. equally. Yeah we’ll see how long that lasts but come on Leslie. We all know your ambitions lie far beyond Pawnee, Indiana.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Leslie and April sit down for a heart to heart on “their” bench and April tells her she wants to leave government but she still isn’t sure what sort of career she should go into. This leads Leslie to pull some strings and get April an interview at a career services department that helps young people decide what careers they should go into. April ends up loving the company and applies for a job there which she gets. There’s just one caveat: she will have to pack up and move to D.C. for good. I mean, isn’t that where everyone on this show is going to end up anyway? Upon returning home April breaks the news to Andy and he tells her they couldn’t find her a job here in Pawnee without him screwing it up.  I’m pretty sure these two will be moving on before the end of the season along with Ben and Leslie.

Speaking of Ben, in tonight’s second episode “Pie Mary” Ben’s congressional campaign is really kicking off and he and Leslie are super stoked and ready for it. Ben’s campaign manager is a little worried though, considering that Leslie isn’t your typical congressman’s wife. She knows the issues, is outspoken, and has her own political career which she says will be off-putting to voters. In fact, she’s proven right at Ben’s first speech about the restoration of Pawnee when several reports ask Leslie all of the stereotypical questions that political ladies get asked. You know the old classics like: can you have it all? Where are your children? How will you raise your family? Those old dusty gems. Leslie also gets questioned why she isn’t entering the horrendously outdated Pie Mary contest, a contest where congressional candidate’s wives bake pies…yikes. In a fit of desperation to get the spot light off of her and on to Ben, Leslie agrees to enter the contest which ends up making a lot of different groups angry but hey, at least she’s trying.

Once it comes time to bake those pies however, the IOW (an Indiana women’s group) shows up and demands that Leslie reconsider or else they’ll be protesting Ben’s next speech. Ben finally has enough and decides to enter into the contest himself making an interesting statement on gender roles. But instead of just any normal pie, Ben makes a calzone, his favorite dish of course to enter. On the day of the contest he shows up only to have a group of men’s rights activists show up and tell him that he’s standing in Leslie’s shadow. Of course we all know that’s the stupidest thing ever and Ben and Leslie quickly try to patch things up by defending their choices which only incites the crowd more. Later, Ben’s campaign manager tells them they should just apologize for no reason and get it over with but Ben’s not super cool with that idea. Instead, he decides to let Leslie speak on her behalf and she tells the audience what’s what. She tells them she’s tired of being judged on her choices and that she’s happy with them and that they shouldn’t be focused on her anyway, but her husband’s campaign. In the end they get about fifty percent of the audience on board which is what they were going for anyway. Next stop? Washington!

So what did you guys think of this week’s episodes? I am starting to enjoy the two-parters even though I was worried at first the NBC might be ruining the final season I see what they’re doing now. Tell me what you thought in the comments!

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