Parks and Recreation 7×07 ‘Donna and Joe’: “I’m Ben Wyatt and I approve this message!”


Yay! Donna is finally getting married! Woohoo! We’ve all been waiting for this moment and it’s just as great as you’ve been imagining it would be. Everyone is having a great time: Ron is obsessed with how churches are built, Tom and Lucy are doing that weird thing young couples do when they feel like they can’t commit, April plays referee to the Meagle family drama, and Leslie and Ben arrive at a pretty big decision to make.

In the midst of planning for Donna’s big day, Leslie and Ben are struggling with keeping the kids in line and just life in general. While getting ready for the rehearsal dinner, Ben notices that awesome career lady Jen has been calling them nonstop. (Sidenote: Where can I get Jen’s job?) Leslie thinks it’s because Jen wants her to run for congress but it turns out that no, Jen wants Ben to run for House of Representatives. Ben is sort of reticent about the idea and even though Leslie is fired up she tells him she feels totally neutral about the situation. Then she asks him to act like he’s decided to run for congress the night of the rehearsal dinner and then at the wedding act like he won’t be running.

During the rehearsal, April rounds up all of the trouble making Meagles, including Genuwine, and Donna has a drama free night. Ron and Tom talk about how he and Lucy as so in sync and that he would marry her tomorrow. When Ron mentions that to Lucy however, she seems a little freaked out about it which then causes Tom to freak out on Ron and ban him from the sliders until he sorts this mess out. Mild drama

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

ensues until Tom and Lucy calm down and talk about their future which includes both of them being all in soooo what’s the problem here?

Also at the rehearsal: Leslie and Ben get super wasted and call Jen telling her that they will definitely be running for congress. The next day at the wedding, Ben gets approached by a bunch of reporters asking him about his bid for congress because apparently Jen has let the cat out of the bag. Ben responds by telling them that he solves problems for a living and that’s exactly what he’s going to do in congress. Let’s hope so Ben! Donna and her fiancé get married and their wedding is lovely. Everyone has an excellent time and Questlove shows up to bring some drama to the wedding as Donna was secretly hoping for.

So what did you guys think of the episode? I thought it was great and I was really hoping to see the return of Chris and Ann but maybe later on this season they’ll make a quick cameo? Tell me what you thought in the comments below!

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