Parks and Recreation 7×05 ‘Gryzzlbox’, 7×06 ‘Rally to Save JJ’s’: “Hitch 2: Son of a Hitch.”

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What up people of the internet?! Are you ready for some more awesome Parks and Rec? Me too! What a coincidence! So when we last left Pawnee, Leslie and Ron had finally made up, we learned that Morningstar was an apartment complex Ron helped develop which plowed over Ann’s old house, Tom was sad about a girl, April was still really confused about where her life was going, and Andy was still hilarious. So, what’s happening this week?

In episode one, “Gryzzlbox” Leslie and Ben receive a strange package from a Gryzzl drone filled with personalized gifts. They meet with Donna later and discover that she got a similar package filled with items that are very personal to her and her significant other. This leads Ben and

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Leslie to realize that Gryzzl is very illegally mining their customer’s data despite Ben writing in specific language that prohibits such behavior to the city’s contract. Donna wants to help Leslie take down Gryzzl from the inside to she arranges a private tour for Leslie and Ben to go on a fact-finding mission. While at Gryzzl, their co-founder straight up admits to data mining which leads Leslie and Ben to challenge him in court. Well, it’s more of a kangaroo court because it’s a daytime court show run by Perd Hapley. Gryzzl admits on air to data mining and the citizens of Pawnee are outraged.

Meanwhile, Tom becomes Andy’s agent as he decides to negotiate for the rights of the character he created, Johnny Karate. Tom and Andy are successful and Andy gets a raise and rights, plus Tom’s old flame returns and tells him she broke up with her boyfriend in Chicago. Ugh, just get together already! April tries to sabotage the new interns in the Parks Department because she still regrets her decision to work there. She meets an intern named Jen that reminds her of herself and convinces her to ditch the program, much to the chagrin of her boss. He reminds her that if it wasn’t for Leslie Knope, she’d be working as a part time grocery store clerk. This message hits home with April and she decides to go out and get more possible interns, which apparently makes her realize she loves being a boss. Something tells me she’s going to fill Leslie’s spot at the end of the season with Leslie leaving for Washington D.C. to become president or something like that.

In the next episode, ‘Rally to Save JJ’s’ it looks like Gryzzl decides to save face by offering Sweetum’s Newport widow $125 million dollars for the parcel of land they want to build their permanent headquarters on. Leslie is very downtrodden and she and Ron go to drown their sorrows in breakfast food at their beloved JJ’s Diner which is apparently being bought by Bobby Feinstein, that crappy cologne mogul from past seasons who’s awful. Leslie launches a campaign to save JJ’s from Bobby but no dice, he decides to spray wet dog cologne all over the citizens of Pawnee who came to rally. So Leslie decides to head to the less than favorable side of Pawnee, with Ben, Ron, Andy, April and the owner of JJ’s in tow to discuss buying up one of the old properties there and restoring it to become the new JJ’s Diner.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

The undertaking of such a task for anyone else would be tremendous, but Leslie and her team are on it. They hold a quick meeting with the leadership of Gryzzl to convince them to donate the land they just bought from Sweetum’s to Leslie so she can turn it into the national park she’s always dreamed of. Plus, Ron and Ben convince them to renovate their new headquarters in the bad side of town to restore it and give themselves an even better corporate image. Gryzzl agrees and everyone gets to work on what I’m sure will become the focus of the rest of the season.

Meanwhile, Tom and Donna hold Treat Yo Self 2017 and go to Hollywood. While there, Donna tells Tom he should invite his new girl, Lucy to her wedding as a date to Tom decides to go for it when they get back to Pawnee. Lucy says yes! Hooray! Now will you guys just get together already sheesh? Andy and April are still in a funk but I’m not sure when that’s gonna change…

So what did you guys think of this episode? I’m loving the new season so far. Tell me what you thought in the comments below!

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