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Parks and Recreation 6×20 ‘Moving Up’: Best season finale of the year

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This is going to be a long review of Parks and rec because of the two part finale episode! And it was so good guys! Just so damn good!

In the first half of the episode, Leslie, Ben and Andy are in San Francisco because Leslie is giving a speech at Parks convention. When she is there, Grant Larson, who has been trying to give her the job in Chicago was also there, and he asks her to lunch she meets Liam Bonneville, the ‘bad boy’ of Department of the Interiors and Rebecca Varuvian, National Parks Service Director of the West.

Grant gives Leslie one more day to make her decision to leave Pawnee and move to Chicago. She seems doubtful, until she meets First Lady Michelle Obama and is star struck. “You are from Chicago , so you like it” Leslie shouts back when Michelle asks why Chicago was special to her. This was probably one of my highlights of the season. Especially Leslie’s OMG face. Probably one of the best reaction shots ever.



Andy and Ben are trying to meet with upcoming Tech companies, where they go to Gryzzl, who are giving free wifi to some new cities, so they are trying to get them to bring some wifi magic to Pawnee. However Gryzzl reject them (not with a no, but with a “nah brah”). Ben tries to give Pawnee another chance when they find out that they love playing the Cones of Dunshire and he decides to play them in order to get free wifi. THey accept and he wins (of course he is ‘the architect’).

Tom is getting his bistro ready, but his donator said it won’t be in time for the Unity concert which would help to create more buzz for the restaurant. Tom then decides that he will have the restaurant ready, the next day for a soft opening so it will be ready in time for the Unity concert.  “Call me Kristen because I am wigging out right now!” Craig perfectly said.

However it didn’t seem to shape up as he wanted it to be. Unfinished chairs, the fact that Larry really out-Larried himself this time with pictures of his dog’s rectum on the menus. He loses his investor. However, even though he wants to quit, April and Ron won’t let him and tell him to continue what he is doing because he will find success and if he doesn’t he tried really hard.

At the end of the first half, we return to San Francisco with Leslie who is giving a speech about the Eagleton-Pawnee merger. She gets doubters in the audience when they said it took them years to figure out the merger, and then she became scared to leave Pawnee, however Ben talked her out of it.  He takes her to the Golden Gate Bridge and tells her that she should explore and see the world. She then calls up Greg Larson and tells her that she wants the job.

In the second half of the episode, the Unity concert is finally here and everyone is ready to go! Andy is in charge of everything, which is such a great character arc for Andy when he use to be the lazy boyfriend of Ann. I am so proud that he was able to achieve what he has in the past season even with his silly but sweet antics.

Tom decides to do another soft opening of his restaurant and invite all the VIPs of the Unity Concert to his bistro. He then brings back favorites Jean and Mona Lisa Ralphio to get more people.

Leslie tells the Parks department that she is leaving for Chicago and everyone is excited for her. They dedicate a statue in her honor and name her one of the founders of the new Pawnee. She cries and is happy at the same time. When Greg Larson gives over the plan (the excellent dentist coverage I might add), she finds out that she will be working with a staff of six and then they will expand over time. She finds out that there are two open spots and she wants to put some Pawnee people in there. She goes on the hunt and first asks Ron. When Leslie tells him about working for the “federal government” in “Chicago” he chuckled heartily. He tells her that he likes living in Pawnee and wants his children to grow up here. She then goes on to April and Andy but they reject her (even though Andy says yes) because Pawnee is cheap and there is less to do therefore less people to see.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

We then cut back to the great music on the performance stage such as The Decemberists, Ginuwine and Pawnee favorite Land Ho, which brings on Mouserat (brought together by best wife ever April) and they sing another tribute to Lil’ Sebastian this time accompanying a hologram version of the pony and Duke Silver.

After the first day of concerts, Tom is ready for the VIPs to come to his restaurant however the first guest is Mona and Jean Ralphio’s Dad, Dr. Saperstein. He is at first highly doubtful that the restaurant will have any success, until he eats the italian food which is “the best he has ever had and he has been to Dallas.” He wants to become an investor, but Tom politely declines.

We then switch over to Leslie having a heart to heart with Ron in the empty, brand new third floor offices. She confines that she is scared to leave Pawnee. Ron assures that she needs to be in bigger places, and that sometimes she has to sacrifice leaving a place she loves in order to go for her dream. However, Leslie doesn’t think so and thinks she can “have it all”. We then jump to her talking to Grant Larson in front of the Parks Department with Leslie asking Grant if they can move the National Parks Service department from Chicago to Pawnee. It’s cheaper, they are close to many national parks and “if you don’t agree then we can make you disappear” (April says). It’s weird how much Leslie has a pull in the FEDERAL DEPARTMENT of National Parks, but Grant says okay. And Leslie gets to stay in Pawnee.

We then close out the season finale with a surprising time jump that I did not expect. We are now three years in the future and Leslie is going great with bangs and her new jump which has increased in size. She has to fire her incompetent employee (cameo by Jon Hamm) and we get to see her triplets now about two to three years old and Ben in a nice suit getting ready for what is at store at the bottom of the elevator.

I have no idea of this jump and if you didn’t think this was the season finale of Parks and Recreation this could have been easily mistaken as the series finale. Which if it was, it would have been the best and nicest ending. Comparing to more disappointmenting endings that have came about these past couple of years. Parks and Rec ends their season with a new start a new jump with Leslie’s career and a hope that there will be greater moments then just Leslie being pregnant and dealing with that. I am excited for what’s to come and hope that if Parks last season is coming this fall that it will be the best closing seasons ever.

What did you guys think of the finale? Liked it? Loved it? Wish it could have been longer? Let me know!

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