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Parks and Recreation 6×19 ‘Flu Season 2’: Big news!

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Hello friends and welcome to the most important episode of Parks and Rec’s history: There is a little baby Knope Wyatt around the corner!!!

Well let’s talk about what happened in the episode first. I watched the producer’s cut instead of the regular cut so if I mention things that weren’t in the regular episode, my apologies, but you can fill in the blanks!

Leslie still needs more acts for the Unity concert, and since everyone else went to Wine Country (Indiana wine country-more on that later), Leslie and Andy are teamed up to get the biggest act in Indiana, teenage country singer Chip McCapp (guest starring Bo Burnham!). Andy starts sneezing, a symptom of the flu going around and Leslie cannot be sick however she is throwing up constantly and feels nauseous. When at the pharmacy, she buys a pregnancy test, and before they meet Chip, she finds out she is pregnant. The pregnancy test is called “Womb There it Is” which is probably the best pun ever.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

When meeting Chip McCapp, they find out he is the most annoying, bratty kid who doesn’t treat his parents right. Andy gives him a stern (but charming) talk to him and they leave. Now without a big act, Leslie then tries to get the band Land Ho, however the band doesn’t want to get back together after they visit the front man, Scott Tanner’s (guest starring Jeff Tweedy) house. He agrees to do it after seeing Andy connect with Tanner’s son who knows him from his birthday gigs.

It’s rare to find Leslie and Andy moments, but them being together was particularly sweet and beautiful in this episode. Especially during a hilarious exchanged when Andy thought Leslie was getting a dog instead of being pregnant.

For Tom, he decides to go to wine country with Donna and April to pick out a sommelier for his bistro. He tries to get the”Bruno Mars of Indiana amatuer wine tasting”, but loses to a wealthier man with a big franchise. We find out after the wine tasting that Craig was trying to impress Tom the whole time and become the sommelier for Tom’s bistro. Tom isn’t sure due to Craig’s outbursts and rudeness, but he assures them that he can handle it. April, Donna and Tom test him, and even though he was good to the customers, behind close doors (which was the conference room) he is still the loud raging Craig. Donna and April didn’t do much this episode, but April did try to mess with the competition and Donna helped. As I stated before, I love their friendship.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Ben and Ron decide to tag along, and they grab some blueberry wine (which is strong wine) and head out into the vineyard. Ben wants to talk his feelings out considering his parents sold his lake house without asking him. Ron, of course, doesn’t want to hear about it which prompts Ben to get really drunk, and really talk about his feelings. They meet hippie Ron on the walk home and he tells him that he should “release” his anger. Ben (Adam Scott plays him brilliantly drunk) decides to let out his anger and tear up the check and through it into the fire.

After being taken home by hippie Ron in a smart car running on fumes that actually clean the air, Ben comes to the realization that he wants to have children with Leslie, and in a drunken state bursts into the house and tells Leslie that he wants children, which in the end Leslie gives him the good news.

Ahhh! I love this episode, it was just so sweet and funny and I was ready for a Knope baby. I mean how long can Knope go without pregnancy? I mean Ann’s baby needs a partner in crime. So what did you guys think? Love the idea of a Knope-Wyatt baby in the future? Do you think this will affect Leslie’s ultimate decision to stay in Pawnee vs. going to Chicago? Let me know!

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