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Parks and Recreation 6×18 ‘Prom’: Prom and recreation

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Even though it is Prom Season, do people really have their prom in early April? Anyway, Leslie and Ron fight for a teenager girl’s acceptance, Andy relived his senior prom and Tom is not cool anymore.

The Parks Department is throwing the Prom for Pawnee Central High School due to budget cuts. When Leslie makes a Prom committee, she sees young and impressionable Alison, who like a young Leslie Knope make a binder filled with ideas including colored tabs that are from Mexican back sources. Leslie takes her under her wing and wants her to apply for the Parks summer internship. However, Ron is not okay with Leslie brainwashing the youth with ‘Government is Good’ rhetoric. He tries to steer Alison in getting a paying job working with her hands.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

The rivalry for Alison’s heart escalates at the Prom when Leslie and Ron are sent to the principal’s office for ‘overly tormenting’ (as Leslie put it) a high school student. Leslie then takes it to the next level by announcing in front of the Prom that Alison got the internship. Ron pulls her off stage and tells her this was on the next level of crazy (which he had the police on standby) and Leslie confesses that she is thinking about moving to Chicago and wants someone there to take her place. Ron tells Leslie that she can’t plan for the future and has to live in the now. Leslie apologizes to Alison for her behavior until she realizes that Alison’s boyfriend is prankster Greg Pitikis.

Leslie assigns Tom as the DJ for the prom…and then also put Ben in charge of DJ-ing too. Tom thinks he knows all the coolest beats for the prom and thinks that Ben will ruin being the DJ. However this all changes when none of the high school students are dancing to his music  tell him to change his music and that he is playing horrible music. They also mention that they don’t know who Ja Rule is (‘What…Who….How?’ cried Tom). and they say he is old. Tom realizes he doesn’t know what is cool anymore and is very upset (‘What’s Grizzle Dump?!’). Ben cheers him and says that Tom has been so busy with getting the restaurant and his store that he temporarily lost touch. However, this didn’t change when Ben played some classic rock and all the students started to dance (‘I only listen to CDs. It’s the way music like this is meant to be heard’).

Andy is so excited for prom but April doesn’t want to go. Andy begs her and April begrudgingly says okay and he arrives to the house in a limo. ‘You have to go to the prom in a limo or else they won’t let you in’ said Andy. They go and April is not having a good time, while Andy is the life of the party.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

April reveals some insecurity about her and Andy being together when they don’t have that much in common, however Retta tells April to be more direct and tell Andy how she feels. April tells Andy that Prom reminds her how she didn’t have any friends and wasn’t popular and that they wouldn’t be married if they had gone to school together. Andy consoles her and says that they wouldn’t be together in high school because ‘high school students are idiots’ and that he is glad that they found each other later. Later that night, Andy became Prom King (April stuffed the ballot) and they were kicked out of prom.

I enjoyed this episode and thought that from the recent episodes this had a really sweet tone to it and I am glad we got to get away and focus on prom than the music festival.

What did you guys think? Would you vote for Andy and April or Prom King and Queen? Do you think Tom is uncool? How does Donna get these hot men? Let me know! .

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