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Parks and Recreation 6×17 ‘Galentine’s Day’: More babies and friendships

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In this episode, Leslie tries to find a new best friend, Ben tries to accept Larry as a friend and Ron tries to find quiet time.

With the absence of Ann, Leslie tries to find a friend in Pawnee to replace her.  She makes an impromptu Galentine’s Day and invites all the ladies. During the brunch she begins quizzing them on their favorite shows, secrets, everything and ranking them. When they find out she is ranking them, they all leave upset, so the winner of Leslie’s best friend ranking (by default) is Shauna Malwae-Tweep, who is need of getting her life together. The reluctant bonding ends when Leslie finds out that Ann had her baby and leaves Tweep by herself, asking her to get therapy.

Ann and Leslie get to chill out with new baby boy Oliver Perkins Traeger. Ann, looking always so beautiful even after birth, gives advice to Leslie about not trying to find someone that is exactly like Ann or even likes the same things because they didn’t like the same things when they were starting to become friends. She tells Leslie that it takes time to become friends. Of course, Leslie takes this and when she gets back to Pawnee (how did she drive to Michigan so fast?) she apologizes to Donna and April. Hopefully we will see some authentic bonding time between these girls. I am all about female friendship!

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Ben and Tom have to find tents for the music festival and Ben brings Larry along. Ben likes Larry as a person and he is struggling to come to this conclusion. With this plot we really do get to see Larry shine and actually help out Tom and Ben with their problems. Even though Larry knows that everyone treats him like crap he doesn’t mind. However, at the end of the episode Ben stands up for Larry and defends him calling him a nice human being and that he needed to be treated with respect. This gives Larry so much pleasure that he trips and has his Larry farts. I am glad that Ben wants to be Larry’s friend and I hope this won’t be a friendship that is cut short because of Larry shenanigans.

Lastly, Ron is trying to find peace and quiet since marrying Diane, which includes her young daughters and their newborn son. However when trying to peacefully check out parks for the music festival, Andy goes along, and at a park he knocks his tooth out. Ron tries to not take care of him because he doesn’t want to be that responsibility, however, in the end he takes Chris to the dentist and make sure he gets his tooth pick. Ron realizes that he needs to be there for Diane even though he wants silence. He calls Diane on his ancient phone and tells her that he would relieve her, and would also bring home ice cream.

What did you guys think of this episode? Miss Ann? Want to see more baby John Swanson? Who else is going to get pregnant? Let me know!

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