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Parks and Recreation 6×16 ‘New Slogan’: Duke and the douche are back

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So I thought this was a very cute episode of  Parks. I really enjoyed all the plots and you can definitely see the changes between the group and them “growing up”.

Leslie is still nervously thinking about he job in Chicago. She realizes that she doesn’t get to go out on the field and do the dirty work and will have to delegate the 200 potential employees. However, Leslie likes to micromanage things and when Ben sets up a new website for Pawnee in which they have a poll for people to vote for the new town’s slogan, she tries to get her slogan to win. However the write-in “Welcome to Douche-Nation” starts winning as a write in and Leslie decides to go on Crazy Ira and the Douche to stop it from happening, however, it doesn’t work and she tries to get in contact with every person and try to talk them out of it. Of course, that doesn’t work. Ben tells her she needs to stop micromanaging and let someone else do the public form about the poll. The only one left in the office is Larry who can’t seem to do anything right, however, when Leslie stepped back, the public (and Larry) were able to vote on a good slogan “Pawnee: When you’re here, then you’re home”, even if it the sign is welcoming people as they leave.

For Tom he is trying to find a location for his new restaurant, and he hopes that it will be successful that he can get out of the Parks and Rec department and work on the business full-time. This saddens April and she decides to be mean and reject all the restaurants they go too. However, she has a change of heart when she realizes that Tom really wants this, and gets the help of Donna (who was also sabotaging the walk throughs) and give him a nice place near City Hall.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

In all honesty, I am really excited for Tom’s restaurant. I really want him to be successful, and April and Donna being regulars and treating themselves? Yes please.

With Andy, he is struggling to find more acts for the Pawnee music festival. He goes to the Jazz Club and finds out about Ron’s alter ego Duke Silver (after he realizes that Ron doesn’t have a twin brother). Andy signs him up for the festival, which Ron angrily refuses by tossing out his saxophone, hat and sunglasses in the dumpster. Andy decides to make it up to Ron by taking him off the list, giving Ron his saxophone back with the inclusion of listing all his personal secrets.

Now that April, Tom and Andy know about Duke Silver, I am hoping Donna finds out because I need more Ron and Donna bonding time. I can’t wait for Leslie to find out, that would be an episode.

What was your favorite part of this episode? Do you think Leslie will go to Chicago? Do you like the new slogan? Let me know!


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