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Parks and Recreation 6×15 ‘The Wall’: Baby swanson is here!

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In this slightly emotional tolling roller coaster of an episode we got some big news! Ron’s a father! Leslie was planning on throwing Diane a baby shower but alas, they already have a baby and his name is John (his middle name is withheld).  While Ron is happy and excited (in his own way of course) about his baby’s birth. He struggles to find peace and quiet without people ogling his baby. He results in going to the third floor of City Hall and decides to help re-fixture and structure the entire floor in solitude (and toolbox).

I am excited that Ron is a father but it all seemed so quick to me. We don’t have Diane in the scene and it just seem to be an added plot about babies since Ann and Chris left. I sort of wanted to see Ron in the delivery room, probably losing his cool as his wife gives birth. But oh well, congrats Papa Ron!

For Leslie, she continues to attempt to unite Eagleton and Pawnee together with the music festival. As she tries to announce this to the town, she notices that the fence that is still up between the two towns and she wants to make a special event to ‘Tear down this wall’ (a la Ronald Reagan). The event starts off beautifully, but ends in disaster as we realize that behind the fence is a swarm of bees, and they attack many citizens.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

This gives a bad rep to Leslie to Eagleton because the Pawnee people think it was an elaborate prank to tell the Eagleton to screw off. Eagletonions (is that how it’s spelled) are mad and realize that this merger is never going to work and in a fight at the hospital, Leslie gets punched in the face.

Again Leslie tries to succeed so much with this town but they are not buying it, however she gets an offer from the National Park Service to head to Chicago to run the park services there. Leslie wants to especially since it is a bigger place and people will appreciate her work and services, but she turns it down. She loves helping Pawnee even though the disrespect her. She has the job on hold (because the Government works slow) but I wonder if she will ever take it?

I always feel bad for Leslie because the people of Pawnee-Eagleton completely suck and I wish she didn’t take much crap for it. Hopefully in future episodes this music festival will be a success and she will be able to be one more inch closer to running for a bigger office one day (I hope it’s Mayor!)

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Source: NBC

In other plot lines, Ben and Tom are trying to get corporate sponsorship for the music and arts festival, and they receive 16 offers. One, is from a chemical company that is offering Tom to pitch ideas he is passionate about. Ben tries to help, by letting him become a dry cleaning middle man and make profit, but Tom decides to go with a restaurant (a tricky, not safe investment) but Tom really wants this and Tom’s Bistro (the name of the restaurant) will sell high quality food for low cost, and he gets himself a deal! I hope Tom finally gets some success, I would really hope he doesn’t get into horrible legal troubles like with his Entertainment company and his clothing store, or better yet Jean-Ralphio don’t even touch this business (just come back and say funny one-liners).

So what did you guys think of this episode? Will Ron be a good dad? Will Leslie move to Chicago? Will Pawnee and Eagleton ever get along? Let me know!

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