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Parks and Recreation 6×14 ‘Anniversaries’: Best anniversary ever?

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Hello Everyone! I decided to recap Parks and Recreation which is one of my favorite shows on the planet. As a Hoosier (short word for person from Indiana) some of the show rings true with my personal life. Let’s get started!

Leslie and Ben’s Anniversary is in a day and they decide that they were not going to give each other gifts. However, both Leslie and Ben have surprises for each other (of course).

Leslie went on the Pawnee Public Radio, to talk about the merger between Eagleton and Pawnee.  Even though the merge has been around for a couple of months, nobody is happy and Leslie needs to show that this plan could work. So there is a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, one originally from Pawnee another from former Eagleton, and she decides to bribe them to be on T.V. and show their love for each other, which doesn’t quite work because they hate each other. One of my favorite parts is when Leslie begins tap dancing because the situation gets awkward.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Leslie decides to give up on them and during an epiphany during dinner she came up with a youth committee that can combine Eagleton and Pawnee together. After an hour, the youth committee came up with a music festival that can combine Eagleton and Pawnee musicians together. Leslie was so proud of them that she couldn’t speak which made her stifle out ridiculous noises.

So while Leslie was trying to save the town, Ben (with the help of Larry) tries to plan their anniversary a day earlier, because Leslie is stuck with plans, Ben and Larry decided to have a boys’ day and get a couples’ massage , ride in a horse carriage (with Ben dressed like the Prince from Enchanted) and go to a cooking class. Also, Larry is a great dancer.  I am glad that Larry got some time, I really don’t care that much for Larry/Gary/Jerry jokes but him being just an amazing person and helping Ben was just the best. I want more Larry!

Ben thought he made the ultimate present by giving her a scrapbook of all the things she missed and Leslie accepts it graciously, but Leslie wins when Ben makes the surprise face when his gift is a model replica of the Game of Thrones throne.  My favorite part is Leslie trying to play along with Ben’s fantasy and she says “The starship is in trouble” and Ben cuts her off. I love these two.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

For April, she is having problems with Donna who doesn’t seem to show up to work and Ron suggest that April talk to Donna and ask her what she needs, but instead April takes around about way and makes a bad review on Yelp featuring Donna. Donna is upset and decides to find out who the anonymous yelper is. When Donna finds out it is someone from inside city hall she decides that she is going to go “Mjölnir” (Thor’s hammer’s name) on his ass.  April realizes that she should confess that she wrote the review, and when she did, Donna already knew. They decide to say what they feel from now on. Can I just tell you that one of my favorite rising friendships is between April and Donna?

During this side story, Ron decides to send reviews of different places (European, vegetable, healthy leaning places/people) with his typewriter. He decides to send a letter to Canada which says “F*ck you, Canada”. Best.

Well, I really enjoyed this episode. It’s really weird that Ann and Chris are not apart of it, but I am glad that baby talk is out of the way, and we can focus on everyone else in the building. So what did you guys think? Who is your favorite friendship that is in the office? Love Ben’s surprise spasm face? Want to get a bad review from Ron?  Let me know!

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