Parks & Recreation 4×22 ‘Win, Lose or Draw’: Waiting for the fat lady to sing

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Again, comedies are really hard for me to review. Maybe it’s because I’m just so easily entertained. I thought the Parks and Rec finale was awesome and totally passed the cry test. I got choked up when Ben revealed that he never wrote a concession speech for Leslie. Then her victory speech was so touching, I was in full water works mode. My eyes may have been misty, but my ears were wide open. One quote stood out and fueled my predictions: “Let’s embark on a new journey…” There’s definitely gonna be some changes next season.

I think Andy will go out for the police academy, which will make for some good laughs. April could stay at the parks department for Ron, but I think she’d make a hilarious sub also. I don’t think she’ll go anywhere right away. I’d really like to see April and Andy have a baby too. I think the show will make it into a sixth season, so there’s plenty of time for a pregnancy and new parent stage. While drunk, Tom and Ann plan to get back together, but I don’t think they’ll move in together. In the fall premiere, I think we’ll see them the morning after the election, wondering what happened the night before. I think they’ll stay together, and have a trial move-in at each other’s places. Tom will miss all his amenities at Ann’s place and Ann will balk at Tom’s excessive lifestyle once she has to consider actually living like he does. I don’t think Ann will ever go back to Chris after he told her how many times he and Jen hooked up.

As for Leslie and Ben, I think they’ll make it work. They’ll both be too busy with their new jobs to stray, and they’re just perfect together. In an interview, executive producer Mike Schur said there probably won’t be any scenes filmed in Washington, and I assume he means that they won’t be creating a Washington set for the show. Before reading this, I predicted that Jen would try to seduce him, but now I doubt we wlli see her character in season five. I thought Kathryn Hahn and Paul Rudd were awesome guest stars. I also think it would have been really funny if Leslie had accidentally voted for Bobby because she was crying over Ben, but the classic Jerry scenario was hilarious. I’m so glad this show came back from hiatus, it’s one of my favorites. I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

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