Parenthood 5×22 ‘The Pontiac’: Everybody happy happy happy


I blame NBC for this poor, agreeable excuse of an episode. If they would only let the producers know whether they’re going to renew  or cancel Parenthood before the end of the season, we wouldn’t end up with finales like this one every year. I do appreciate the closure they’re trying to give the audience, as this felt a lot like a series finale. Having the family gather for dinner in Zeek and Camille’s new backyard was just perfect, even though we’ve all had to sit through that annoying theme song and watch them carry on with one another at the table about a thousand times.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

It’s a little sad that the producers don’t have enough confidence in this show to end the season with a cliffhanger (as if they were coming back next season), but it just might be time to say goodbye to Parenthood. They did leave us hanging in regards to Julia and Joel’s marital status, but almost everything else was wrapped up nicely. However, NBC clearly didn’t watch the episode before putting the promos together because they hyped up Joel and Julia’s interactions (and Haddie’s coming out), only to leave us disappointed when nothing really happened.

We also missed seeing any progress with the school (What did they end up naming it!?), for which I blame Haddie and her lesbian lover. I’ve never been a fan of how Jason Katims has handled characters coming out (My So-Called Life is an exception though), but Haddie and Lauren’s relationship was completely unnecessary. There was the tiniest bit of drama when Haddie found out that Max had told Kristina, but that was it. I suppose with all the legislative changes regarding gay marriage, it’s not something that really needs to be so dramatic anymore.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

This season was definitely the year of the sad sack, as both Drew and Hank got the girls they wanted. If you’ve read my other Parenthood reviews, you’d know that I’m not a fan of Natalie at all. When I saw Drew driving the GTO to get his woman, I actually thought about how cool it would be if he drove across the country to be with Amy. Surely he could have realized that he doesn’t love Natalie after she told him that she loves him. I must say that was definitely too early in their relationship to drop the L-bomb, but I’m just done caring about this couple. It’s not worth the energy.

The possibility of Amber being pregnant is somewhat of a cliffhanger, and they did show a lot of interaction between Amber and Ryan in the promos. If Amber is pregnant, when did they conceive? We can all bet that Ryan didn’t have a condom on him when they hooked up in the hospital, but if the baby was conceived while they were living together (also another possibility to have unprotected sex), she would have worried about missing a period sometime in the three months or so that Ryan has been gone.

What did you think of Parenthood’s fifth season? Is it time for them to be cancelled or do they have at least one more year? Sound off in the comments below!

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