Parenthood 5×21 ‘I’m Still Here’: Can we not tell Adam and Kristina?

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I’ve been waiting all season for an episode like this, which is one thing that I hate about dramas. I mean, comedies can have filler episodes too (Hello, the entire eighth season of HIMYM!) but at least they make you laugh. I’ve been watching Parenthood all year long, wondering if I’m just a robot because TV doesn’t make me cry anymore or if it’s just really bad TV. Of course, not every drama can be as jaw-droppingly explosive as Scandal for every single episode, but this season of Parenthood just didn’t hit me like last season. However, this week was incredible, from the episode title (I know, I’m a nerd for episode titles) all the way down to the minute details like Kristina’s wrinkled shirt and brown roots (at least I hope that was on purpose) when she went to meet with Bob Little.

I guess my favorite episodes are the ones where everyone’s story lines tie in somehow. Of course, only a few things had an actual connection, like Joel helping Crosby with his floors and Hank driving Amber to see Ryan, but I love how everyone is going through the same thing in their own way. The title of this episode obviously comes from Kristina’s lamentations to Adam of grief and survivor’s guilt over Gwen’s death, but it also has to do with everyone hanging on to the tiniest bit of hope that’s left in their broken relationships: Joel and Julia, Amber and Ryan, Hank and Sarah, and Drew and Natalie. So which relationships are over and which have still have promise?

Joel and Julia are definitely getting back together. She called a plumber to fix the dishwasher, which meant that she thought he would never come back, but she also dumped Mr. Knight because she wasn’t over him. Then he comes over and gives her that little half-smile and asks her about her parents’ house, which was so powerful because if anyone understands having a sense of place it’s a contractor. And that look-back as he was leaving? Yeah, he wants his family back.

I cringe over Amber and Ryan though. It was awesome how Amber got the phone call and broke down on the sidewalk in front of the two most emotionally closed-off characters on the show (I mean that in the kindest way), Hank and Max. She clearly still loves him, but they were so destructive together so I don’t know if I want them to be with each other again.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Hank and Sarah are kind of on the bubble though. It seems as though Sarah doesn’t think of Hank romantically anymore, which felt very strange for her to talk to Adam about because Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are together in real life. I get the feeling that she’s going to give him another shot because of what Adam said about Max finding love, but once she does it’ll just be a disaster because that same spark won’t be there. Drew and Natalie definitely have chemistry but I just don’t find it very believable that she wants to be his girlfriend after the way she treated him at the beginning of the season. She just hasn’t been around enough for us to see that change.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Will any of these couples make it? Will Adam and Kristina’s school get their building? Am I the only one who thought Gwen gave Kristina a marijuana plant? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • Darci

    Really good to see Hank finally blossoming into the man he can be. The way he handled the whole thing with Ryan’s accident and driving Amber to San Diego, plus getting Max to calm down were both wonderful to see, especially since it all appears to be truly self-less without any hidden motives.

    Also I really loved that they used the song “In Every Direction” by Junip while Hank and Amber were driving to San Diego – they always have Junip songs on this show, and they always seem to fit in so well.

    • Rae Bradshaw

      I don’t know, I think a lot of people could say that he helped Amber with the accident to win points with Sarah, but I do think he was being genuine. I love the parallelism between his character and Max.

      I haven’t noticed the music much. I guess I need to pay better attention!