Parenthood 5×20 ‘Cold Feet’: Let’s Celebrate


Erika Christensen is hot again! I mean, she was always hot to me, but I’m the kind of person that’s living my life as if it’s still 2002. Even though she’s a wife (kind of) and a mom on Parenthood I still see her as a crazy, sexy Swimfan. The fact that her husband and kids were missing from this episode helped out a lot too. Now she has two men that want to get in her pants, one of which has succeeded. With Joel coming back next week, I think it’s safe to say we’ve seen the last of eager Ed. I liked him, but he’s definitely not as gorgeous as Zachary Knighton, which is probably why Julia decided to let him go after some hot flirt action. Despite the gray in his hair, Mr. Knight(on) seems a bit young for Julia but if he’s good enough to be paired with the Sexiest Woman on Television (Elisha Cuthbert), I suppose he’ll do.

Even though it wasn’t a huge part of the episode, I almost titled this article ‘Oliver loves the D.’ It was just too funny of a line to not mention. Having Crosby and Adam deal with getting Ashes of Rome to tour with 4D (which is actually the name of a Korean boy band) made the episode feel really cluttered, since Adam had the charter school business to keep him busy and Crosby was trying to move back into his house, but I guess the party was a good excuse for Julia and Mr. Knight to get it on. Speaking of Crosby’s house, I don’t know why the floors were such a big deal. Yes, the contractors should ‘ve called him before they ruined his hardwood, but he doesn’t need to spend $12K right now. Call me a cheapskate, but I would just put some plywood over the sub-floor and move the bed to cover it up. He could even buy some area rugs to hide the ugliness. Problem solved!

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

It’s kind of cute the way Drew and Berto are buddies again, but it’s high time that Drew dropped Natalie. She’s way too skinny and not that hot and again, she slept with Berto! I’ve read some things about the rest of the season and it looks like Drew is going to try one more time to get her back. Vomit in my mouth. With any luck, it’ll be overshadowed by Ryan coming home after an accident. I definitely think that the release party could have been replaced by Sarah giving Hank an answer after his long monologue. The finale isn’t for two more episodes and we already have a cliffhanger. That’s more than a little strange.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Will Julia take Joel Back? What will happen to Sarah and Hank? Sound off in the comments below!

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