Parenthood 5×19 ‘Fraud Alert’: Winning

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I guess I’ve been thinking a lot about How I Met Your Mother since it’ll be ending next week, but this episode reminded be a bit of ‘Sandcastles in the Sand,’ one of my all-time HIMYM favorites. Before I explain why, how awesome was it that Robin walked down the aisle to the song that played during her and Barney’s first kiss?! Moving on, Sarah’s dinner with Mark reminded me of a less-funny version of Robin’s first reunion with Simon. Obviously, the relationship ‘winner’ in this case was the newly-engaged, newly-published Mark. Who the heck picked that super romantic restaurant, by the way? If it was Mark, then he’s a real douche for taking his ex-girlfriend somewhere that’s all candlelit and fancy and stuff just so he can tell her that he’s engaged to another woman. Can you tell how much I hate him?

Speaking of other shows(Yes, I’m pretty bored with Parenthood right now), I loved that guest star spot from One Tree Hill’s Barry Corbin, though he’s been typecast again as the crotchety old man. Classic Whitey Durham. I don’t know what Crosby was thinking when he bought that motorcycle though. A mold-infested home and getting interrupted mid-coitus by your dad does not a midlife crisis make. Having your wife leave you because you bought a motorcycle without consulting her definitely does though. It was definitely strange hearing Zeek and Crosby complain about the price quoted to them by the unseen Pauly, seeing as I watched a Jersey Shore rerun while waiting for this episode to buffer.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

One midlife crisis is a perfect segue to another I suppose. I’d like to pump my fist for Julia and her date with Ed, but two seconds later we see her getting it on with Mr. Knight in next week’s promo. Get it, Girl! It’s a little ridiculous that they’re putting so much hype on Julia having sex with another man for the first time since the separation when Joel is totally giving her the runaround about whether or not they’ll try to make their marriage work. If he doesn’t want to talk it out, he’s just not that into you. I loved the parallelism between Amber & Drew and Sydney & Victor because it reminded me a lot of my brother and I. We’re seven years apart and will definitely never smoke pot or roller skate together, but we’re the only two children our parents have, so watching these two interactions are very tender for me. At this point I don’t know what I’d like to see happen between Joel and Julia. Maybe she can start dating Ed or Mr. Knight seriously and Joel can realize that he still loves her but has to wait and pine until she plays the field for a while.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Will Hank ever move on from Sarah? Will Joel and Julia patch things up? Sound off in the comments below!

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