Parenthood 5×18 ‘The Offer’: Let it go


“Let it go…Let it gooooo!!!!” Ugh. I know that line (if you weren’t paying attention, Hank said it) wasn’t incredibly important to this episode, but every time I hear someone say that I can’t help but think of Frozen. No, I’m not one of those adults that’s obsessed with Disney movies. I liked them when I was a child, but now that I have a child I like to watch adult shows. Not like X-rated, but you know. Anyways, this episode had me rolling my eyes about as much as I do when I talk to yet another person who has wet their pants over Frozen.

I was really proud of Hank for standing up to Sarah about his feelings, but I don’t understand why she was so shocked. Yes, they really only broke up because he moved to Minnesota and they didn’t get back together when he returned to Berkley, but how did she expect him to be over her? I know he’s kind of quirky to be a ladies’ man, but he’s been single since their breakup and had to watch her get with Dr. Awesome Neighbor, not to mention Mark is coming back next week. Gag me with a spoon. If I were Hank’s therapist, I would tell him to stop being such a doormat.

I loved Drew’s song, but I have a huge problem with his moodiness over Natalie. I would understand if he was just sad about Amy coming back into his life only to leave again, but he needs to stop moping over that nasty skank. She slept with Berto! How does she not understand that he’s not upset that she hooked up with his roommate, but with the type of disgusting creature that comes home all sweaty from lacrosse practice and sits on your bed? If she’s into guys like Berto, then she just can’t be taken seriously, and neither can Drew. However, he’s obviously going to get kicked out of school for not going to class, which will be totally fine because his uncles will definitely sign him to their record label.

ParenthoodOne of the only redeeming storylines in this episode was Max’s. I don’t really like that he’s being painted in such a pitiful light, but I do feel sorry for him. If Adam and Kristina were on the fence about starting their own school, they definitely won’t be anymore. If only they could convince that elusive Mr. Knight to join them!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Will Sarah get back together with Mark or continue this awkward dance with Hank? How much more Natalie drama can you endure? Sound off below in the comments!

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  • Kendra Beltran

    OMG YES! I cannot stand Frozen. I thought it was overrated and weak. Too much singing and not enough story…and no girl, I don’t want to build a snowman with you…ever.