Parenthood 5×17 ‘Limbo’: Any reason


Aida may be the reason the family was brought together, but Joel is the reason they’re falling apart. If you think about it, his separation from Julia is the reason for almost every fight on this week’s episode. Sydney and Victor are mad that he’s not a part of Aida’s baptism weekend, therefore not being able to show him the rebuilt car, Adam is hurt that he’s Crosby’s second choice for godfather because Joel fell through, and Julia feels as though Joel isn’t willing to try to make their marriage work. I suppose that we could ultimately place the blame on Julia or Ed for Joel leaving, and thus all the drama among the rest of the family this week, but that’s just splitting hairs.

One fight that Joel couldn’t possibly have caused is the one that broke out between Sarah and Max. Sarah obviously didn’t handle the situation well, but I don’t think I’m the only one that would have freaked out to have two men with Asperger’s yammering in my ear and hogging my computer when I have a big deadline to meet. I would be mad at Hank for not helping to settle him down, but I had to giggle when he called Sarah a ‘fascist.’ Though it was a serious moment watching him melt down, I think there’s plenty of teens without Asperger’s that use that insult in anger.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

I guess I forgot the beef between Drew and Berto over the Gatorade, the cashew butter and…what else? Oh, yeah, Natalie. She should have had the decency to know that Drew would be offended by her sleeping with his roommate, but I can’t help but think less of her just because “it’s Berto.” Drew nailed it on the head with that line. That would be enough for me to get over Natalie, not that it would make it okay for Berto to hook up with her. It is cute that he and Amber are bonding over their respective heartaches and not letting college put any distance in their relationship. However, Amber was wrong to say that she didn’t have any other clothes of Ryan’s besides his white shirt because his infamous grey Henley is right next to it when she opens the drawer. I do hope that shirt is wrinkle free though, because it’s been sitting in her dresser for months, only to be plucked and wrung in Amber’s hands. I doubt she owns an iron.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you think it’s weird for Joel to participate in Braverman activities after moving out of the house? Would you have gotten upset over Berto and Natalie? Sound off in the comments below!

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