Parenthood 5×16 ‘The Enchanting Mr. Knight’: I like to move my body too


I found it a bit strange that the episode was titled after Max’s teacher, who was such a small part of the show last night, but Zachary Knighton! Happy Endings was one of my favorite comedies, so I love seeing the cast doing so well right now. Damon Wayans Jr. is back on New Girl, Adam Pally on The Mindy Project, Casey Wilson just got engaged, Eliza Coupe is making her rounds as a guest star, and Elisha Cuthbert is still a hot girl. Zach certainly was enchanting, so much that Kristina should have said “he’s very…hot,” instead  the other adjectives she used to describe Mr. Knight.

Another awkward moment came when Joel caught Julia at the school for sustainability week, “the reason for their separation,” which is what Joel could have added if he wanted to make the situation even more tense. Speaking of separation, what was with Julia dropping off dinner for Ed, yet saying that she “knows how much it sucks eating by yourself?” Wasn’t the point of bringing him dinner so that he wouldn’t have to eat it alone? As much as that doesn’t make sense, I’m downright tingly seeing them get closer. Speaking of closer, how predictable was it that Berto would try to hook up with Amber?

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Last but not least, there’s Hank and Sarah. As awful as it already is having to tell your ex-boyfriend that’s still pining for you as well as working with you that you’re going to Africa with your new, nearly live-in boyfriend, she makes matters worse by going to “check on something in the darkroom,” where they had their first kiss. Lucky for Hank, Sarah practically dumped Carl, after whom I thought this episode was actually named. Sidebar: Why does Sarah only date guys with single syllable names? Seth, Mark, Hank, Carl…see?

What did you think of this week’s episode? Will Hank and Sarah get back together? Is Julia forgetting about Joel in lieu of Ed?

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