Parenthood 5×15 ‘Just Like Home’: Old man trunks


I really need to stop watching this show right after I watch Grey’s Anatomy, because every time I do, I walk away feeling incredibly underwhelmed. Suffice it to say this was not the best episode of the season and I expected a lot more from a mid-season premiere. I was also disappointed with the lack of continuity, which Katims is usually so good about. Since when does Julia go running? And Adam’s ‘old man trunks?’ I would understand if this were the first time we had seen him wear swimming attire, but in last season’s finale we saw him and Kristina taking what seemed to be a spontaneous beach vacation (making this vacay seem much less spur-of-the-moment) and he was wearing a stylish pair of black swim trunks that matched Kristina’s suit. And who the heck are the Lessings?

I really wish we saw more of Amy this season. Not that there’s much to see when she’s basically a college housewife, but it’s not often that a guest star’s story is so much more interesting to watch than most of the core cast’s. IMDb doesn’t show Amy in any more episodes (she wasn’t listed in this episode though) so it’s unclear whether she and Drew have a future together. She did say goodbye to Drew but she’s probably not going back to Boston either.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

One unexpected delight is how well Ray Romano is doing in a dramatic role. He does add a lot of the same comedic relief that Max’s character brings to the show, but he’s still very compelling to watch as his character struggles through this new chapter of his life. He’s definitely making progress but I still can’t tell how it translates into his potential as a love interest for Sarah. Carl is just about perfect on paper, but there’s not much spark there. She didn’t even seem flattered when he said he was falling in love with her.

It is super cute that everyone is concerned about Julia though. I was just about to say that her pity party with Crosby and Sarah was one knock away from looking like a promo shoot, but then Adam walks in! I wish I had more to say about this story line, but it’s a good sign that Joel is having a hard time feeling good about his decision to move out. Speaking of moving out, I’m still looking for a connection between Zeek selling the house to please Camille and Crosby’s home improvement situation. There’s usually some sort of common ground across the family but once again, Crosby is the most boring Braverman this week. The connection did come though, between Julia feeling alone and scared in the house and Victor calling her to talk about his bad dream.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Is there hope for Julia and Joel? What about Drew and Amy?

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