Parenthood 5×14 ‘You’ve Got Mold’: Create an autistic space around you

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Ugh, these Sochi popups are really harshing my screencap mojo, so I’m officially apologizing for the lack of photos. The enormous, rainbow TV-14 warning doesn’t help either. Between that, and ABC going the way of the world (or the way of Fox) and limiting next day availability to only a handful of cable providers, my life hasn’t been so easy these days. Of course, this has nothing to do with this week’s episode, I just wanted to vent.

Despite the drama revolving around Joel and Julia this season, I think Mae Whitman’s performance in last week’s episode has just about eclipsed every scene in which we’ve seen Erika Christensen cry this season. And the Golden Globe (nomination) goes to…yeah. Since I seem to have misplaced my pom poms this week, I have to say that they should have closed the scene in which J & J break the news to the kids by shifting the focus from Sydney to Victor. His anguish over his parents separation is no less important than hers just because he’s adopted. That, and how weird is it seeing Julia in sweats? Had she skipped the ‘surprise Joel at work in a trench coat and undies’ idea and opted to have him come home to find her skinny dipping a la Swimfan, they might not be in this mess.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Remember how I mentioned last week that I was re-watching Gilmore Girls? Well, I didn’t notice until this week that Lauren Graham has aged quite a bit. She’s looking more like Mary Crawley than Lorelai Gilmore these days. Just in the face, her body is still pretty hot. I think they’re taking way too long with this Hank or Dr. Tenant (yep, I just heard the DW pun as I typed that) and they probably would have been better off leaving her out of this episode if she weren’t one of the four Braverman kids. I’m pretty bummed that Amber and Drew were missing this week because Amber’s breakdown last week would have been an awesome scene for this midseason finale.

The most notable thing I have to say about Crosby and Jasmine this week is that I just bought that same bottle warmer last week. I know that this show is supposed to be relatable to a wide demographic of parents, but lately I’ve been relating a lot to these two, so that just goes to show how boring my life is these days. I fully expect Jasmine to start extreme couponing when the show returns from hiatus.

Speaking of relatable cross-sections of parenthood (yes, lowercase), Adam and Kristina aren’t very interesting for me this week but that’s probably because their story doesn’t apply to me. Would that I could title this article ‘Mr. Hymen,’ but 1. I’m too much of a professional and 2. My entire family has access to this website. I know that it was Camille that dropped the quote I used in the title, and that she said ‘artistic,’ but I couldn’t let a line like that go without applying it to Max. And yes, I know that Max has Asperger’s, not autism, but you get my drift. There really was no need to wait until the last minute to have Kristina come up with the idea to start a school because it was extremely predictable.

What did you think of this episode? Will Joel and Julia get back together? Does Kristina’s school have any shot at success?

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