Parenthood 5×09 ‘Election Day’: Do you wanna be my girlfriend?

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This episode was just so-so, but like Kristina, I guess they can’t all be winners, so let’s jump right in. Amber needs to dump Ryan. I’m really bothered by the fact that we didn’t hear anything more about that storyline after seeing Zeek at the police station, thanks to Kristina’s election. The election and Crosby’s political drama were probably the least compelling portions of this week’s episode, yet they took up the entire hour. Back to the point, I love Matt Lauria, therefore I kind of love Ryan, but his temper is so not marriage-worthy so he has to go. Obviously Amber shouldn’t go running to Zach (the drummer) right after ending her engagement, but he’s a much better option.

In other news, can I just say how much of a jerk Joel is? Yeah, Julia interrupted his meeting, but she wouldn’t have had to if he had been able to rip himself away from Peet and her sushi for two seconds to answer the phone. I don’t think I’m taking her side just because I’m a woman, though we don’t really get to see much of Joel’s perspective so I think the showrunners want us to take Julia’s side. Victor calling her ‘Julia’ instead of ‘mom’ and telling her that she lied was like a knife in my heart. Either way, she didn’t go running to Ed in this episode, which also bums me out but also proves that she’s a better woman than everyone on Team Ed want her to be.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Again, because of the election, Hank was much more of a parent to Max than Adam and Kristina were this week. I feel like they’ve been so busy with the campaign the entire season that they probably have no idea about what’s going on in their son’s life. I seriously doubt that Max learned anything about relationships, even after Sarah coached Hank on what to say, which is sad. Hopefully Max Burkholder learned more from watching this episode than his character did, though I’m sure his parents are more involved in his life than Adam and Kristina would be.

I apologize for hating on Adam and Kristina so much. She did put everything she could into the campaign, though I didn’t think she would win anyways. She would have been a great mayor, but I’m just not sure how it would have fit into the show. I’m glad she got somewhat of a victory from hearing the news that her new friend’s daughter was able to move to a school where she could receive more care. I suppose that makes all of her hard work worth it.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Will Amber get rid of Ryan? Are Joel and Julia going to make it?

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  • Kendra Beltran

    I can’t stand Joel or Julia this season. He’s being an ass to her, but at the same time he did do everything while she worked all those years. She’s being a drama queen about a kid being held back. Are these upper middle class people problems that I just don’t get? Plus, to have last season be so emotionally draining with the cancer storyline and then this…a kid being held back?