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Parenthood - Season 5

I love how this show has characters whose story lines relate to each other so well. We haven’t seen a whole lot of that this season, but it’s back this week in full force. There’s Joel and Crosby, Camille and Julia, and even Max and Kristina a little bit. The storyline that disappointed me most was Ryan, Amber and Sarah’s. I can relate to Ryan and Amber because my husband and I got married really fast, though my parents completely love my husband, but I can also see why Sarah is still worried about Amber. I loved Ryan’s monologue at the end of the episode, but it obviously wasn’t enough to convince Sarah that he’s right for her daughter. Things are obviously not “fixed.” And all of this is going down before another guy (Matthew Atkinson’s character) gets thrown in the mix.

Source: ABC Family, NBC

Source: ABC Family, NBC

Joel and Crosby may be facing similar trials, with Joel having trouble setting boundaries with Peet and Crosby drawing a line with Adam and the new band, but they handled their problems in completely different ways. Yes, Crosby did lash out at Adam just like Joel snapped at Julia, but he came back to the studio in a gentler, more inspired way and managed to completely humble Oliver. Before I finish talking about the band, something has to be said about Matthew Atkinson’s hair. I mentioned last week that the viewers’ expectations of having Tyson Ritter on the show were built up with the adorable (but dated) headshot that graced so many casting announcements, and the same thing has happened with Atkinson. We were shown his headshot from Jane by Design, but we got a weird, grungy Matthew instead. Is it impossible for a drummer in a rock band to have short hair? Work with what works!

Like Crosby, Joel is having a difficult time laying down the law with Peet. The bottom line is, well…the bottom line. Peet doesn’t want to ask the buyer for more money, yet Joel has to pay his crew by the hour or the day or however that works. And of course she wanted to have the boundaries talk over a martini, because that’s how she gets her way. It sounds as though she didn’t even visit the site before drawing up the plans for the house, which is a huge no-no for an architect (my husband is one), otherwise she wouldn’t be changing her mind about the windows so much. He’s not completely in the wrong with Julia because she shouldn’t get to make all of Joel’s decisions for him, but she deserved to be heard and not yelled at by her husband, especially after quitting her job and making Joel the sole earner for their family. It’s her money too.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Zeek and Camille’s situation doesn’t surprise me that much because most old men are stubborn and times have changed a lot since they first got married. Back then, women didn’t have much of a say in anything, though Camille did say that she once had a voice and “lost it.” It sucks that Julia is caught in the middle, by loving the progress Victor has made with the car but also taking Camille’s side about the car and the house. I think she should have opened up to Camille, or Ed or someone before she completely explodes and ruins her marriage. Of course, that would make for some awesome drama.

Even though I hate huge gaps (no Heather or Ed in this episode), I’m kind of glad that we had a break from Kristina’s campaign this week. Her predicament with Max does heavily relate to her education platform, and I predict that it’ll help her narrow down her interests and pet projects in the coming weeks. Education is a really wide field with way too many issues, so she’s probably going to focus on helping children with disabilities get the best school experience they can. Though I feel for Max and how disappointed he is that he can’t take photos for the yearbook anymore, I can see that after he crossed the line with the crying girl why he’s been asked to step down over other kids, most of whom are probably upperclassmen. I’m sure he’ll get his chance when he gets older. The issue with the yearbook seemed a little contrived though, especially because he’s Hank’s protégé. I would have expected Hank to have complete disdain for yearbooks and for Max to follow suit. Well, he wouldn’t necessarily adopt an opinion of something just because Hank does, but they tend to think alike. My point is, he can still take photos at school (and probably would have gotten away with it had he not announced that he was doing it for the yearbook), and the whole yearbook issue was written so that Kristina’s trials as a parent could give her inspiration for her campaign.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are you sold on Ryan and Amber’s wedding? Should we start making FREE MAX T-shirts?

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