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Remember what I said last week about Zeek and Camille having zero interaction with anyone else besides each other? Well, we didn’t even see Camille this week, but there was so much tenderness between Victor and Zeek, which I loved. He’s clearly acclimated well to the family, as he fights with Sydney like brothers and sisters are wont to do (not that they didn’t do enough of that last season), and now he’s bonding with his grandpa. The scene where Sydney takes the book away from him was a little predictable, because even though he was adopted he’s older than she is. Though that’s a rare combination for one family, it makes sense that she would have stronger reading skills. I think that actually happens sometimes with biological siblings too, though not as often. Anyways, once again we see the bratty Sydney that we love to hate and hope our daughters don’t become, which goes to show that Savannah Paige Rae is either a really great, young actress or that she’s just a brat in real life too.

Julia’s heart was definitely warmed by watching Victor and Zeek work together this week, but she definitely won’t be a happy camper next week when Joel and Pete start spending a lot of alone time together. I feel like this is happening really early in the season, but it could snowball into much bigger problems by the end of the 22-episode run. Perhaps with their ongoing indecision over whether or not to hold Victor back a year, another argument will arise and Joel will find it easy to cheat while he’s angry with Julia, which could lead to separation or divorce, which may or may not threaten Victor’s place in the family, depending on how much I think I know about the adoption system.

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Source: NBC

One heart that’s not warming to the idea of Amber and Ryan moving forward with their wedding is Sarah’s. I think Amber is very sensitive about the relationship Sarah and Seth, who I keep wanting to call Steve…Steve Holt! That’s funny, because Mae Whitman was actually in Arrested Development! Moving on, Amber doesn’t want to be compared to her parents, but there are a lot of similarities. Even though Ryan isn’t addicted to drugs, he could still be suffering from psychological issues associated with PTSD. I think there’s a strong likelihood that they’ll end up eloping out of anger towards Sarah and her lack of support.

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Source: Interscope Records

Speaking of support, that finally brings me to Kristina and Adam and their money troubles on the campaign trail. I find this storyline to be the most boring on the show right now, especially compared to Kristina’s battle with cancer last season, but it was touching to see Adam build a strong, yet unlikely rapport with Mista Ray, then to learn that Mista Ray has a son! I’m not really looking forward to seeing more of Tyson Ritter on the show. In every article I read about his upcoming role, they displayed photos of a young, handsome Tyson (see photo, left), but we got the rundown, hungover Tyson (see right)…no thanks! However, I did read that the drummer from his band (the one on the show, not All American Rejects), played by Matthew Atkinson, may throw a wrench in Amber and Ryan’s engagement!

Then there’s poor Drew, who was put in the friend zone this week by…Natalie. Sorry, I had to look up her name because I never bothered to learn it. What a b-word. “Well, now I know.” Honestly, who says that? I think a more appropriate response would have been, “Thanks for letting me know,” because it obviously took a lot of courage to work up the nerve to tell her how he felt. Maybe I should give her more credit because that was obviously a really awkward situation for her, but I think Drew can do better. It’s her loss.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you think Amber and Ryan will elope, or will they be thwarted by Zach (the drummer)?

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