Parenthood 5×03 ‘Nipple Confusion’: Worst episode title ever

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I really expected more drama out of this episode, especially from Julia and Joel. Like any promo for any show typically does, this week’s promo hyped up the issues of holding Victor back a grade and Julia confiding in Ed way more than necessary. I know that Julia and Joel aren’t the most exciting couple to watch, but I found it unrealistic that those problems resolved themselves so neatly by the end of the episode.

Once again, I felt very little for Zeek and Camille’s melodrama over selling the house. At first I thought that they’re just trying to cater to all age groups, but then again, I wasn’t any younger than I am now the last time I saw The Notebook, and even if I were to just watch the scenes where they’re old, it would still be pretty sad. Perhaps a montage of them remembering all of the milestones in that house would have moved me more, but that might have come off as a little cheesy also. I do find it a bit odd that neither of them is really involved in any other story line yet this season. Maybe we’ll get a bit more interaction from their kids when they share the news about selling their house.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Though I thought it was cute that Crosby was able to give Aida a bottle at the end of the episode, I couldn’t really relate to Jasmine this week. It did take my son a little practice to drink from a bottle, but I think I was so paranoid about him preferring the bottle over me that I hardly ever took breaks from nursing. Though I wasn’t an avid viewer of Nip/Tuck, I do recall an episode where Julia Macnamara has trouble with her supply. Though the episode took a really strange turn with Peter Dinklage as a lactation consultant, I think story lines where women have trouble nursing are far more relatable in this day and age now that breastfeeding is on the rise again.

I absolutely loved Ryan in this episode, not that I ever stopped loving him in the first place. We didn’t see much of it this week, but he obviously has issues after coming home from war again. However, he handled the situation with Drew much better than I expected him to, and went above and beyond the call of duty as a brother-in-law. I did think the casting for Drew’s roommate was awful though. Even though Drew is the shy guy, I had a hard time believing that his roommate had been hooking up with more girls. He was a total goober! I also thought the scene where Drew kicked him out to play Scrabble with his date was adorable. It’s clear that he’s a little gun-shy after getting Amy pregnant, but she’s obviously into him.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Despite Kristina’s lack of confidence in her own campaign, I have to side with Adam about the money issues. Why in the world do I relate more to the men this season? Like Adam, I’m much more conscious than my husband about putting big expenses on our credit card, even when we have a large sum of money coming in to pay them off. It definitely seems like he doesn’t support her dreams, which I can also empathize with, but one partner in the marriage has to be the realist.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Will Zeek and Camille’s children protest to selling the house? Will we get the action we’ve been craving from Joel and Julia?

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  • Kendra Beltran

    I agree. I thought there’d be more with Joel and Julia. I went in thinking Joel would be the one to cheat with Pete but she hasn’t been brought up since he got the job…?

    • Rae Bradshaw

      I still think there’s some infidelity (maybe Joel and Pete, or Julia and Ed?) coming later on since they got a 22 episode order this season, but they probably need to be fighting for it to happen!