Parenthood 5×02 ‘All Aboard Who’s Coming Aboard’: I saw you two wrestling

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I love having Max’s quotes in my title, even though he probably won’t see a lot of action this season. I’ve loved watching him grow as a character, and I’ve loved watching Max Burkholder grow as an actor, probably because he’s the character I relate to least. It’s just a lot of fun watching him and he brings so much comedic relief to the show, which is much needed when I feel like all of the other story lines are mirror images of different pieces of my adult life. I feel like my story is complete with Amber getting engaged, Julia deciding to stay at home and struggling with that choice, and Crosby and Jasmine having a new baby.

Like last week, one of Amber’s scenes, where she and Sarah talk about planning her wedding, had me in tears. I can relate to the scene where she blurted the news to her family about the engagement, not because I did that when I first got engaged, but with my first pregnancy. Sadly, we miscarried after telling pretty much everyone we knew, so I can sense that something will happen between her and Ryan, especially because Sarah brought up his troubled past when talking to Adam, as though she was reminding the audience. I think it was for the best that Amber told the whole family first, otherwise Sarah might have said something she would regret if Amber had come to her privately.

I’m really glad Sarah’s tenant didn’t appear in this episode, though I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him. The scene with Hank was brilliantly awkward, as most are. Of course, bringing Sarah a “housewarming gift” was just an excuse to see her and talk to her about Amber. Maybe I just have crappy friends, but nobody brought me a housewarming gift when I moved into a new apartment, let alone my house. I feel like it’s more of a house thing, so it was odd that Hank brought a gift. It’s almost like he was congratulating her on becoming a super instead of moving into her new place. Besides, “Bohemian” is just another word for run-down and messy.

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Source: NBC

I know I originally said that Joel and Pete would probably have a thing this season, but now I’m wondering what will happen between Julia and Ed. I’m not sure if they mentioned his name in the episode but it was in the promo. In case you didn’t see it, Ed is David Denman, or Roy from The Office, because, let’s face it, nobody remembers him from Traffic Light. We’ve all seen TV characters that have “work husbands” or “work wives,” but I’m not sure what to call this relationship since they’re both unemployed and volunteering at their kids’ school. Speaking of volunteering, what the heck kind of school makes parents bug kids about whether their lunches are “green” or not? That’s something they should be bothering the parents about, right? I am so glad I don’t live in California.

Crosby was an amazing dad in this episode, and I feel like I relate much more to him than Jasmine, because I’m always the parent that needs a break from our son and is constantly in danger of making a scene in public. Watching him shove plates of food in that waiter’s arms was so gratifying, because I feel like doing that to pretty much anyone I interact with on a daily basis. I don’t know if I’ll ever pull my kid out of school for just a fun day though, because I’m inherently selfish and unwilling to relinquish any minute of “me time” I get.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

I didn’t find Kristina’s or Zeke and Camille’s story lines very compelling this week, but you can’t win them all. I did enjoy Jurnee Smollett’s performance, which was extremely reminiscent of Jess, a sassy girl who doesn’t take anyone’s crap and gets the job done. I think I’ll be able to relate to Kristina’s situation with Adam more than her campaign struggles, but I’m a little lost when it comes to Zeke and Camille because I’m far from having the same issues that people their age have. I do get easily overwhelmed though, and I can imagine that having so many repairs on their house piling up can be stressful.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Who do you relate to most this season?

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