Parenthood 5×01 ‘It Has to Be Now’: Don’t let it bite you

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I’m so glad Parenthood is back for a fifth season, but this year’s premiere wasn’t the emotional powerhouse that last year’s was. Maybe it’s because I watched all of last season under the influence of pregnancy hormones, or because NBC ordered 22 episodes this season, instead of the jam-packed 15 episodes they had last year. I found the premiere to be really transparent, and I’ve pretty much mapped out the rest of the season after watching it set up all of the story lines so neatly.

OK, maybe the final scene where Ryan comes home kind of killed me a little bit, but perhaps that’s because it was sort of reminiscent of the Friday Night Lights finale. You have to admit, Matt Lauria looks really great in uniform! At first I wondered why Amber would wear that sundress because it didn’t seem to fit her style, but I totally got the symbolism of the yellow dress being her yellow ribbon. I’m also a huge fan of The Bachelor, so I’m a mess anytime I watch a proposal, even though last season’s finale and the promos that aired before this episode hinted that they would get engaged. After seeing the somber look on his face when he hugs Amber, I’m certain that Ryan is going to face the same challenges he faced after coming home from war last season, only Amber won’t be able to cut her ties to him as easily now, especially if they get married in a hurry.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

I watched last season completely relating to Julia because she left her career to stay at home with her kids, but now that I have a baby at home, I watched the scenes where Crosby and Jasmine fight about everything and thought, “This is my life!” Jasmine going into labor during the premiere was another throwback to Friday Night Lights, since Tami gives birth to Gracie in the season 2 premiere. I don’t predict a whole lot of life-changing drama between Crosby and Jasmine, but since Nora’s birth was so upstaged by Peter’s family’s other problems (Max running away, Haddie going to college, opening The Luncheonette, and the Amber-Bob Little fiasco), this is the perfect opportunity for the show to have some true baby drama. Unless something big happens to Jabbar or The Luncheonette, Crosby and Jasmine probably won’t have much else going on this season.

Kristina definitely has a hard road ahead of her this season. I doubt Bob Little’s reappearance on the show will affect Amber’s relationship with Ryan, but during the mayoral campaign he’ll probably bring up the fact that Kristina was just pronounced cancer-free. Kristina might retaliate by exposing his affair with an intern, which could end up hurting her if the public finds out that said intern was her niece. They may have brought Gwen back to foreshadow a relapse for Kristina or maybe she’ll pass away, throwing Kristina off her game before the election.

Source: NBC

Source: NBC

Earlier, I mentioned Julia and her tough decision to stay home with Sydney and Victor, but now she’s trying to re-enter the workforce. Now that they’ve officially adopted Victor and he’s settled into their family better, she doesn’t have a huge need to be at home while her kids go to school. Her interview went a lot worse than it should have though. Without explaining to the new firm that she adopted a son and he had trouble adjusting to his new home, she sounded like a flake who changed her mind about being a lawyer, then changed it back. On top of being stuck in her “just a housewife” role, I smell trouble brewing with this lady architect and Joel, even though he’s been the most supportive husband through the show’s entire run.

I’m rather apathetic about Sarah’s love life at this point. She’s had such a long parade of men that I just don’t care anymore. It has to be extremely exhausting for Lauren Graham to portray a character that’s always stuck in a love triangle, especially since she had the same problem on Gilmore Girls. Obviously something is going to happen with the guy in her building, as well as between her and Hank now that he’s mentoring Max (super cute, by the way), but there’s plenty of time for something to happen.

What did you think of this week’s episode? What are your predictions for the season?

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