Orange is the New Black 3×04-3×06: ‘Finger in the Dyke’, ‘Fake it ‘til You Fake It Some More’, ‘Ching Chong Chang’.


Things are heating up: old enemies are meeting once again. New inmates bring back new life to the prison, and open old wounds. The new regime change has people either panicking or praising. What will happen next?

In episode four, Suzanne is still very much haunted by the absence of V and hasn’t quite accepted the fact that she’s dead yet, much to the annoyance of the other ladies in her block. For a while it seems like she might be having a bit of a nervous breakdown and when Suzanne breaks down, she really goes down you know? Finally Taystee seizes an opportunity to talk some sense into Suzanne and screams at her that V is dead which is turn causes both of them to start sobbing. Maybe Taystee misses V more than she’d ever admit, but I figured with all of their history there had to be some kind of unresolved feelings there.

Caputo arranges to have the MCC come view the prison in an attempt to save everyone’s job. No one is optimistic that it’ll work and the officers don’t seem to think Caputo can pull it off. Indeed, everything that can go wrong does on the tour and it seems like all is lost. Until later when Caputo receives a phone call from one of the members of MCC saying that they have decided to take over management of the property immediately. I’m not sure this is going to be a good thing for the inmates. Regime changes rarely if ever go over well.

Meanwhile, Doggett and Big Boo are bonding more than ever as Doggett’s chill new attitude is much more accepting of Boo being a lesbian.

Source: IMDB

Source: IMDB

Doggett tells Boo that she’s been receiving boatloads of cash from hateful Christian groups who think she murdered that nurse because of abortions, but really it was because Doggett got mad at her. This gives Boo the idea to exploit her some religious money too and sets up a meeting with a Baptist preacher to sell her story to his congregation. This is a very Big Boo centric episode and we get treated to a large backstory (finally more than just a fleeting flashback!) involving her mother and father. Big Boo has always been a lesbian and isn’t afraid to show the world she’s gay despite how much pushback she may get for it. I really enjoyed her story and seeing her struggle with her somewhat accepting father and her mother who wished she could be something she’s not.

All is not well in the Piper and Alex paradise. They’ve lost that spark now that the more abusive elements of their relationship have faded away and Piper is in a bad mood because it’s her birthday and she’s got nothing to show for it. Her terrible family comes to visit her including her hipster brother who’s opening up an old fashioned artisanal ice cream shop, which sounds like something straight of a Brooklyn fever dream. Piper confronts her father when he refuses to speak to her and finds out that he feels like she’s a huge disappointment and has wasted her life away. Piper blurts out that she has a girlfriend and is in love which doesn’t sit well with her parents at all and they storm away in a huff. Later Piper asks Alex to be her girlfriend and they make it official. Alex even gives her a “mix” of songs for her birthday.

Red and Healy are getting much closer since Red translated for his wife Katja. Do I smell a romance blooming here? Speaking blooming, Healy gives Red some seeds to grow roses with and she seems like she’s grateful for them. Also: Daya is upset that she’ll never see Bennett again since he hasn’t been to work in two weeks and might have abandoned her and the baby. I don’t think so, I’ll think he’ll be back.

In episodes five and six (they’re pretty intertwined), Poussey has her jail juice stolen from her before it can ferment and is on the lookout for the thief. She’s pretty sure it’s a rogue squirrel but in all reality it’s Taystee just trying to look out for her. When Taystee tells Poussey, Poussey is mad at first but then she realizes that Taystee does have a point. She is drinking too much and maybe she needs to get some help in AA.

Rumors start flying both about the new prison job that supposed to pay $1 an hour, almost ten times what the regular inmates make now, and outsourcing. The rumor about the prison hiring for new guards is confirmed when an ad is spotted in the newspaper. Caputo is furious when every C.O. in the jail confronts him about this and he’s been taken off guard. He asks Danny why he wasn’t informed and surprisingly Danny just tells him to take over the interviewing and hiring process. For some weird reason I get this strange sexual tension vibe between Caputo and Danny? Maybe it’s just because I don’t trust Danny at all. That could be it.

Source: IMDB

Source: IMDB

This episode focuses on Marisol’s backstory and how her mother was a seamstress. We see their conflict as Marisol just wants to buy the latest fashions and gets some extra help via drug money. She sells the kids at her school fake ecstasy. Unfortunately for her, one of the kids that she sells it to, “trips” and jumps off the building and ends up in critical condition. When the police find out that Marisol sold him fake drugs, they arrest her.

Meanwhile, the romance between Healy and Red is heating up and Red asks Piper for some beauty tips. She flirts and flaunts around Healy, who complete buys it all. But then she tries to seduce him into getting her job in the kitchen back and Healy sees through her little smokescreen. He’s very upset that she would lead him on like that and stops speaking to her. Red tells him once you’ve taken a woman’s currency away the only thing she has it what she was born with and if she has to spend it she will. Eventually Healy relents and gets Caputo’s signature to let her back in the kitchen despite her sordid past in there. I’m thinking that Red will probably be gunning for Mendoza’s spot before too long.

Speaking of Mendoza, she’s got a lot on her hands lately. Her delinquent son is causing her quite the headache. Marisol and several others in the kitchen are revolting against her and Norma is using sanitaria just a little too much for her taste. This is why I feel like she’ll be falling this season: too much on her plate and not much support from anyone. Also Daya is having quite the hard time. She sends Caesar to look for Bennett but he’s nowhere to be found. Seemingly accepting her fate, she summons Mrs. Powell and tells her that she’s ready to sign over her baby for adoption. Mrs. Powell is taken aback by how willingly Daya is just letting the baby go and suggests she see a counsellor. I think Daya will change her mind once the baby is here.

The prison hosts a testing day for all of the inmates to see which one of them is up for the task of this new secret job. After the job posting is listed, it’s revealed that the company they will be working for is actually called “Whispers” a lingerie company that looks like it’s loosely bad on Victoria Secret or maybe Soma Intimates. The girls will be making all kinds of panties from now on. Piper meets a new inmate who’s Australian and very cute. Could this girl steal away her affections from Alex? I could see a little love triangle forming there.

Morello has started a new letter writing campaign to men in hopes that some of them will fill up her commissary and in the beginning it works pretty well but eventually she gets caught up in her lie and admits that she did it because she’s very lonely. Man Morello sure has given up on her ideals of love hasn’t she? We also get to see Chang’s backstory which is one of an arranged marriage gone awry. She was set to marry a man her rejects her for being too ugly so she goes to work in her brother’s shop. There she meets a man and helps him smuggle illegal animal contraband in to make men feel more powerful. She saves his life one night and to repay her, cuts out the gall bladder of the man who rejected her. Man, Chang sure was vicious. I wonder if that’s what got her in here or if it is something more serious than that?

So what are you guys thinking about this season thus far? I’m enjoying it but not nearly as much as the second season. Still, it’s early and I’m sure we’ve got a lot more twists and turns coming our way yes? Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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