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Once Upon A Time 4×20 ‘Mother’: Happy in the future, angry about the past


Welcome to the Mother’s Day special review of Once Upon A Time. Wait. Mother’s Day is next Sunday? Are you sure? Because this episode is called “Mother” which should have aired on the day devoted to mothers… WAY TO GO ABC. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read my review. I honestly thought the episode was amazing even with all of the different stories going on.

Last week I took a guess at all of the mothers that would be featured in this week’s episode. The four that I guessed — Maleficent, Snow, Cora, and Zelena — were correct, but I forgot the two most obvious moms on the show: Emma and Regina. However, they didn’t play much of a motherly role toward their son because Henry was in maybe a minute of the episode, so I guess I’m not that big of a failure for forgetting them.

We got to see the softer side of Maleficent this week, with her actually caring for Lily and wanting the two of them to spend time together. It was obviously a big deal for Maleficent because when Emma and company got back from New York, Mal (I’m too lazy to type her whole name, so bear with me) seemed very concerned and it looked as though she thought that Lily didn’t come with. This was further evidenced by Mal asking the Charmings, the people who caused all of her pain, for help with finding and convincing Lily to stay in town. In the end, Lily decided to stay for a week and is going to spend time with her mother learning how to be a terrible CGI dragon.

Who knew it would only take Snow almost dying for Emma to finally forgive her? After so many episodes of tension between the mother and daughter things seem to be looking up… although things will probably be ruined in the next episode, but it won’t be their fault.

The anniversary of Daniel’s death apparently brought out the worst in the Evil Queen. She crushed a man’s heart just because he was getting married on the worst day of the year (and on the royal grounds, but mostly he just had bad timing). I’ll get back to Evil Queen Regina in a minute, but I want to say that Storybrooke Regina actually had an amazing plan to get Emma’s darkness for the ink. I felt bad for Lily, of course, because a giant cut on the hand would definitely make me angry and then I would probably be afraid if I turned into a dragon for the first time.

Being the worst day of the year for the Evil Queen, who else could have shown up besides the Eviler Queen Cora. Surprisingly, however, Cora actually seemed like she cared and wanted to help Regina find true love. I don’t know if I believe her when she said she was honestly trying to help because she lied, but maybe she did actually have the right intentions. I mean, Cora wasn’t lying when she said that she could have found another way to rule than killing off Regina after she produced an heir. Sadly, Regina can’t reproduce anymore because of the sterilization potion. (I almost thought that Regina was going to have the Author write that she could have kids again, or somehow transfer Zelena’s baby to make it her own…) One thing that stood out to me was that the Sheriff of Nottingham directly referenced Robin Hood, which means that Cora knew the name of Regina’s true love the whole time. I’m wondering if she ever tried to find the real man, even though he was married already.

Zelena Locked Up

Source: ABC

Going back to Zelena, I don’t know what sort of role she will play in the upcoming episodes and seasons (if/when the show gets renewed). There’s got to be some sort of loophole for her to escape the asylum. Then there’s the whole baby thing and Regina not wanting to kill Zelena. I like how well Rebecca Mader did at making Zelena actually seem worried about the possibility of being written out of existence. That does seem like a big power for a tiny little Author. A sorcerer on the other hand…

Mr. Gold’s heart is almost completely dark. It was a bit shocking and worrying to hear that even if Rumpel dies of the black heart, the Dark One’s spirit can live on and cause even more havoc without a host. Luckily, the traitorous Author is able to help Rumpel stay alive for a bit longer. Coming along with this new plan is a new book: “Heroes and Villains”. With the idea of other possible books, it seems that there are alternate universes depending on what book the story is written in. This information is crucial to the final episode of the season.

Next week is the two-part/two-hour Season Finale, and you can bet I’m excited. “Operation Mongoose” is finally taking a large step in the right direction. Well, maybe not the right direction because the Author uses the new book to change everything we know to be true. Rumpel will be a hero and Zelena will be happy with someone. Snow, on the other hand, seems to have taken over the “evil queen” role and Emma is locked up and crazy. The promo and press release also seem to indicate that Henry will be the savior of the episode. I assume he is somehow unaffected because he is the only person who has never been to the Enchanted Forest and whatever Gold has the Author write probably doesn’t include changing Henry. So be sure to tune in!

SIDE NOTE: Next week on May 12, 2015 is the ABC Upfront where they make the official announcements about the upcoming 2015-2016 season. The announcement of whether or not Once is renewed will come then for sure, or it could be announced at the end of the Season Finale on May 10, 2015 (which will undoubtedly have a cliffhanger that they can resolve should the show get renewed, which it most likely will).

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