Once Upon A Time 4×19 ‘Lily’: Put the gun down


The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived: Lily is back, and this time she’s all grown up. For most of the episode, she was still the same girl who lied to Emma constantly. Hopefully things change though. Except for the Rumpel side plot and the end of the episode, most of the story revolved around Emma and Lily…

When Rumpel and the Author are mourning Cruella’s death, I think it become a little clearer to the Author that Rumpel is just using people to get what he wants without worrying about the consequences or peoples’ lives. Maybe the Author is realizing that he shouldn’t have joined Rumpel’s team. It’s too late now though. The Dark One will not let his best chance at a happy ending get away… Alive.

After knowing for sure that Lily was Maleficent’s daughter for a few weeks, it felt really weird for it to be revealed to Emma and her act all surprised. I really think that they should have made this episode the big reveal instead of throwing it in at the end of a random episode. The whole research scene that Emma had to confirm that it was indeed the Lily that she knew seemed very unnecessary because it took up two minutes of the episode to tell us something that we already knew.

I liked all of the flashbacks except for Lily having a boyfriend who was a criminal. They didn’t even show him except for the clip of the burglary, so it really felt out of place. I’m pretty sure the only reason that it was included was to get Emma out of her foster parent’s house and for the boyfriend’s place to seem like a legitimate place for Lily to be afraid to go to herself.

Speaking of the foster parents, Emma says that they kicked her out. They didn’t though. Yes, they were upset and said some things that upset Emma, but they did not kick her out. She left all on her own so it’s her own fault that she didn’t grow up with a good family. She ruined things for herself every time.

Lily found out all of the details of how she got to the real world and who caused her problems from the Apprentice. This seemed a little odd to me because I feel like magic people aren’t supposed to interfere with the real world. Hopefully there is an explanation as to why he did what he did. Or it could just be that the Apprentice was the quickest and easiest way for the writers to make Lily know all about the Charmings and the magical worlds.

The real world isn’t supposed to have magic, but I think that both Lily and Emma do. Well, at least Lily. She has an object from the Enchanted Forest that wasn’t affected by the Dark Curse, so when the lights blew out on Emma’s car and the storm rolled in, I think it was Lily who caused it for the most part. Emma being the Savior may have had something to do with it, but I don’t recall her having any specific magical items that weren’t affected by the curse to make them unhelpful in the real world. On the other hand, Elsa’s scroll is magic outside of Storybrooke, so maybe I’m wrong.

The other magical object in the real world that helped my theory of Lily using magic was Zelena’s necklace. She can use it to freely transform herself back and forth from Zelena to Marian. Robin Hood seemed upset, but not as upset as I would have expected, to find out that his wife was actually the Wicked Witch. And the announcement that Zelena was pregnant was kind of bland to me, although I kind of already expected/knew about it. Someone had posted a theory about the “meatloaf in the oven” line from two episodes ago having the double meaning and apparently they were right. And Tumblr spoiled it for me because I couldn’t watch the episode when it aired.

Two episodes remain this season. Well, three if you account for both parts of the finale. Next week’s episode is titled “Mother”, which there are four of in the episode. Okay, at least two because the promo might have had some finale clips as well. First off is Maleficent. We know from the promo that Lily has not turned over a new leaf on the whole “Kill the Charmings” plan and she seems to be telling her mother that. Then there is Zelena/Marian who is the mother of Roland and the new baby. Next is Snow, although we don’t know for sure what sort of role she will play in this episode considering Emma is still mad at her. Finally, Cora is coming back. I am still unsure as to how and if it will be just flashback or not and I am trying to keep spoilers away, but Cora definitely made an appearance in the promo and she is Regina’s mom, so she is one of the four mothers. (I think they originally planned for there to have been an extra week of break considering that the week of the finale is Mother’s Day, so next week’s episode would have worked well on that day, but whatever.)

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