Once Upon A Time 4×17 ‘Heart of Gold’: A wicked return


How was everyone’s Easter? Mine was good. It wasn’t until 7:30pm, after I had already gone through being upset that I would miss this episode that I realized that it wasn’t actually on due to the holiday. Luckily, I was able to watch it this week and I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I am thinking “We waited two weeks? For that?” On the other hand, I was really kind of excited about who was in the episode…

Who should I start with this week? Emma, Hook, Snow, Charming, Henry, Regina, or Belle? Oh wait. They only appeared for like two minutes at the beginning of the episode. Well, I actually don’t know if Belle appeared at all. It might have just been the Charmings and their pirate mascot. Regina did appear at the end as well, but she wasn’t the main character of the episode. Furthermore, there were no Queens of Darkness in this week’s storyline.

Unless you count the Wicked Witch of the West. Zelena made a triumphant return, although we were led to believe, up until the second half of the episode, that she was only returning in flashback form to help expand on Robin Hood’s backstory. Then we saw Marian acting strange and being almost evil, which was then revealed to have been Zelena pretending to be Marian since last season’s time-travel finale. What are my thoughts on this surprise return? Well first of all, someone had already spoiled it for me, which you might be able to tell in my previous reviews because then I started to hint at it. But I am actually glad Zelena is back because she was killed off way too easily and Regina is going to get her happy ending with Robin now because Marian isn’t actually in the way. I mean, Robin thinks she is… Oh well.

The one thing I do have a question about is did Zelena say anything about being frozen? Because it was her and not actually Marian, which means Regina ripped her own sister’s heart out thinking she was being a hero. Huh… maybe they had already filmed that episode when they decided Zelena would come back.

Mr. Gold’s heart problems seemed a little weird to me. Way back in Season 2 when he left Storybrooke to find his son, there seemed to be no trouble aside from getting stabbed by the then evil Hook. I do have a couple of possible explanations for the heart attack happening now instead of before though. Now that time in Storybrooke is moving, everyone in town is probably aging which means that Gold is getting older. He has also grown more evil since then and with magic, it just makes your heart dark, but maybe in the real world it leads to heart problems. Third, Gold had the scarf last time to keep his memories outside of town so maybe that magical object also helped him stay healthy. My last theory is that the writers just didn’t have any idea that Gold would be back outside Storybrooke when they wrote Season 2 so it’s all just messed up.

So, this review was kind of short and featured a lot of me accusing the writers of not planning far enough in advance. Before I finish, I also want to add that even though we got the reveal of Maleficent’s daughter, we probably won’t get any more of that for another two episodes, unless next week’s ends with Lily coming to Storybrooke or something. Because next week is “Sympathy for the De Vil” which, as one would guess, is a Cruella-centric episode. She kidnaps Henry which leads to Swan Queen working together to rescue him. I wonder if Regina will have told Emma about Zelena yet… Oh well. See you next week.

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