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Once Upon A Time 4×16 ‘Best Laid Plans’: Of nutmeg and brandy


This week’s episode, “Best Laid Plans”, was a big step in the right direction of finding the Author. In fact, the members of Operation Mongoose DID find the Author… at least, they found ONE of the authors. It was all very confusing. The identity of Maleficent’s daughter was also revealed, although it was more of a confirmation for many viewers. Overall, this episode was enjoyable and had minimal CGI (which you all know that I hate on this show).

Evil Emma

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Snow and Charming fear that their child will go dark side, and so they seek out a unicorn to ensure that the baby will be full of light. I did not know that unicorns could show “the future”, but apparently now they can. Anyways, I found it weird that both parents saw something different. It was explained that they each saw a different path that Emma MIGHT take, but before this explanation, I had an idea of why they saw different futures. Snow was the one carrying the child, so she had a stronger connection to Emma and could see deeper into the baby’s future. What Snow saw may also have had something to do with the fact that Snow already had a sort of dark heart after all of her banditry and such. Regardless, I like my explanation better.

Snow and Charming went and stole Maleficent’s dragon egg to protect their own child. Of course, the both realized that it was a bad idea when they found out that the dragon would be sent to the real world. Plot Twist! Inside the egg was human child (which we will talk about in a minute). Unfortunately, it was too late to save the evil-filled baby from falling into the Apprentice’s portal. This scene also explained how Cruella and Ursula got into the real world without the Dark Curse, and I thought it was the quick and easy way to explain it. Now I just want to know if they ended up in the same spot as the baby and what happened then. Can someone say “culture shock”?

Emma is getting better at magic?

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Did anyone else know that photographs of magical items would have a sort of glare on them? I feel like this was sort of explored before, but I may be thinking of something else. Anyways, this was the first giveaway of Regina’s true loyalties. Further on in the episode, Regina obtained Emma’s forgery of the page which apparently was SUPER different from the actual page because Rumpel immediately knocked Regina out. We don’t know what his plan is for Regina, but Rumpel seemed to have an idea of how to get the page. Although the Author is no longer in the book, so we will see if Rumpel knows that yet or not.

It's HIM!

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Speaking of which, Operation Mongoose made a big jump ahead. Although that means that Rumpel and the Queens of Darkness have also received an advantage. The Author is no longer trapped inside the book. To Emma’s surprise, her parents recognized the man as a Peddler that they met in the Enchanted Forest. I was caught a little off guard by this as well. Before the Peddler/Author was released, August made a disturbing announcement to the Charming family: there is more than one Author. He explained that each one is tasked with recording the stories that they see, which means the author of Regina’s story may not be the Peddler so she might not get her happy ending from him. On a side note, there was a direct reference to the most well known storyteller of all time (and pretty much the reason that Once Upon A Time exists), Walt Disney. Now, August didn’t say the Disney part, but just hearing “Walt” is obviously a nod to Mr. Disney, which is exciting. (I wonder if Tom Hanks will make an appearance as Disney, just like he did in Saving Mr. Banks. Probably not, but you never know.)

Demon Child

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Getting back to the baby, we finally found out the identity of the child. And who else could it be than Lily (aka Emma’s friend from flashbacks earlier in the season of Emma’s childhood)? Many people had expected this, me being one of those people, and I am glad they finally revealed it. However, it is unknown how Lily will be brought into Storybrooke in the future and what her role in everything will be. The most interesting thing about the reveal scene though, at least to me, was that Lily is short for Lilith. If you don’t know biblical mythology or demonology (or you don’t watch Supernatural or read The Mortal Instruments), Lilith is the first demon and basically the most evil. I wonder if Lily’s adopted dad knew what the baby was.

Peddler Flashback

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Mary Margaret and David were probably my favorite characters this week. They both went through so many emotions and finally told Emma what they had been hiding. Honestly, I don’t know if they expected Emma to understand or if they knew she would be upset. Regardless, Emma has lost trust in her parents and is one step closer to going to the dark side.

Captain Swan Hugs

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There is one person who did a good job comforting Emma though. Killian was by her side throughout all of this. Captain Swan shippers were excited by the PDA in this episode, and I thought it was the best development for the relationship so far. Even through the little disagreement about August being one of Emma’s closest friends, the couple pulled through and is going strong. Regina and Henry were of almost no use to Emma this week, but maybe we’ll get more Swan Queen scenes in the future?

In two weeks (why must it be two weeks?), prepare for the return of many characters in “Heart of Gold”. A flashback shows that Robin Hood meets Rumple for (possibly) the first time, and is sent to Oz to battle The Wicked Witch of the West. I’m mostly just happy that Rebecca Mader is making another appearance, even if it is just flashbacks (or is it? The promo shows her with white skin in the clock tower. Although this could be archive footage from 3B). Robin Hood is also back in the present day New York(?), which also brings Marian, Roland, and some other Robin Hood characters back. Also confirmed to be appearing is the newly revealed Author, aka The Peddler. Until next time, I hope you have a great two weeks. The following week will be another Queen of Darkness flashback episode, this time featuring Cruella, hence the title “Sympathy for the De Vil”.

PS. Hope you liked all of the pictures. :)

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