Once Upon A Time 4×15 ‘Poor Unfortunate Soul’: Ship in a frozen bottle


This week’s episode, “Poor Unfortunate Soul”, did not go how I expected it to. It was pretty good, but I do have some complaints, specifically about how certain storyline’s were carried out (*cough*Captain Swan*cough*). There are also some things that I didn’t see coming at all.

First thing’s first, I’ve complained about this before, but I will say it again. The CGI on Once Upon A Time is terrible. Ursula’s tentacles looked terrible and so did August when he got turned back into wood. Then there is the whole nose thing that was just not great. I really wish that they would spend more time on their animation and design for these sorts of things to make them more realistic. Otherwise they should just stop using this kind of stuff on the show. The magic in the smoke is one thing, but when it comes to living creatures and stuff, it needs to be better.

Then there was the sappy Captain Swan scene. I know that a lot of people probably enjoyed Hook admitting to Emma that she was his happy ending. It just seemed sort of out of place and out of character for Hook.

I should probably apologize for my theory from last week. The promo made it seem like Robin was actually back, when fact it was just Regina’s dream. Furthermore, I had assumed that the person that shock Regina in said scene was Maid Marian. However, it was actually just Evil Queen Regina. I know that there will be some sort of outlaw queen room you mean in the future, but apparently I did not know when.

One thing I did like about the episode was the use of the seashell that stole Ursula’s singing voice. As a fan of the Disney movie that person was from, The Little Mermaid, it was pretty cool to see one of the objects from the cartoon come to life. I’m also happy that we have one less Queen of Darkness to deal with (for now…).

Adding on to that, I was very excited to see the return of Ariel. Hopefully she shows up a bit more this season, although based on how well they show characters like her, it’s doubtful. She may only be seen once more to show her going back to Eric. Or maybe she already did. She went and found Poseidon after all.

Still waiting for Will Scarlet to have a big storyline. Nothing else I can really say about that until it happens.

I love the plot twists on this show. It’s not as plot twisty as other shows, but it still has its surprises. The ship in the bottle, for example, being caused by Queen Elsa. I am a bit disappointed because this is the second time that the Frozen storyline has had something to do with Storybrooke without any of the Frozen characters actually being present. (On a side note, have any of you seen Frozen Fever yet? It’s amazing. If you haven’t seen it, the short plays before the new Cinderella film.)

The biggest plot twist of this week, though, was that the door that the Author is supposedly trapped behind has been in Henry’s possession for a few days, and had previously been in August’s hands before that. The Author is stuck in the storybook. How does such a thing happen? The Sorcerer must have gotten very angry or something. Hopefully Emma and Regina can get the “happy ending writer” out of his thin prison. (Get it? Because he’s stuck in a piece of paper. It’s not funny if I have to explain it.)

Tune in next week for “Best Laid Plans”. I actually did some research this time. The title seems to have something to do with Snow and Charming planning how to go about keeping Emma on the hero side. At least one of the dwarves will appear, the Apprentice is set to appear (I still think he’s actually the Sorcerer), and we may get another flashback with young Emma. There’s also a new character named Gorin who will appear a few times in the future episodes. What role he plays in the Enchanted Forest and/or Storybrooke, I do not know. There may also be a lot about Maleficent’s daughter child. Sadly, we aren’t getting a Cruella-centric episode for a few more weeks.

P.S. Sorry if the featured image kind of sucks. My Internet was going very slowly today, so I quickly took a screenshot on my phone. I even typed this on my phone and emailed it to myself to quickly upload. Hopefully next week my Internet will be better.

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