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Once Upon A Time 4×14 ‘Enter the Dragon’: Leave it to a pirate


This season of Once Upon A Time just keeps getting better and better. This week, we saw Regina rejoin the dark side… or did she? We also learned a bit about how Regina and Maleficent know each other, as well as seeing a few previous characters related to Mal’s story. 

The award for best performance of the week goes to Lana Parrilla. Her performance as Regina was amazing, especially during the flashbacks. I don’t know how she did it, but young Regina actually seemed young. Her voice was lighter and I could hardly tell that that Regina grew into the Regina we know (and love) today. Lana also portrayed her character as a good guy undercover as a bad guy. Obviously the audience knew that she was just pretending, but if I had been in the Queens of Darkness’s spots, I probably would have believed Regina too.

Is that Kesha?

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The flashbacks were on point, except for the CGI. I really liked Maleficent’s whole “Kesha” vibe that she had going on. And I also think it was cool that Regina is the one who helped Maleficent, even though it was still really early in Regina’s magic training. After all, she did already have a teacher. However, can someone explain the whole “burning tree” thing? My first thought was an allusion to the Bible, but I don’t think that’s true. What was the significance?

Happy Birthday Swan Queen fans!!! It’s not really a birthday for the ship, but there were plenty of scenes featuring Emma and Regina together and they seemed super close. Although I don’t ship them, I can admit that there is a great deal of chemistry between the two and they definitely seem like they are flirting a little bit.

I definitely called Rumpel impersonating Hook. The aggressiveness towards Will, while not completely out of character for Killian, did seem a bit extreme. Asking to move the dagger was a weird request, especially since we didn’t see Emma and Hook talk about it. What really confirmed it for me (before we were actually shown what was going on) was as soon as Hook said to use the dagger to call the Dark One. I just sat there like “Belle, it’s going to work, but he’s already right beside you.” And then when Belle was like “Dark One, come and face me” and Killian looked straight at her, I had the chills, but I was so happy that I was right.

I still am not a fan of Scarlet Beauty, but it is kind of cute. The chocolate cake thing that Belle did to Will was basically how Rumpel talked about the burgers to Belle. Parallels! But I still want Anastasia back, and to know if she is for sure one of Cinderella’s step sisters. If the writers decide to pursue the story of Anastasia and Will in the future, hopefully that means more Ashley.

I have been waiting for Aurora to return since Season 3. I know she was at the daycare earlier this season, but I didn’t think that she was featured enough. So when they brought her up in this episode, I was super excited. Then she only got two minutes of screen time, so I am angry again. Does anyone know if Ariel, Pongo, or even Archie are going to show up any time soon?

Sleepy August

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Another big return we saw this week was August. My friend had told me that the actor was back for at least this episode, so when Maleficent wanted to go get something, I knew she meant Pinocchio. I hope August doesn’t know anything of importance that he gives away to the wrong people. Like, I want Operation Mongoose to succeed (which by the way, “Operation Mongoose” is the title of a two-part episode later on this season), but I don’t want Rumpel to succeed. Too much evil will be a bad thing, and probably (hopefully) re-release Chernabog.

The people that we didn’t see a lot of this week were the Charmings. They had a few scenes, but the writers probably figured that Snow and David shouldn’t be the main focus of two episodes in a row. We also didn’t see a great deal of Will in this episode, but even with his Main Character status, we haven’t seen much of him on this main series anyways.

Next week is the Ursula centered episode titled “Poor Unfortunate Soul”. If you watched the preview, which I did, you see that Robin is back in town with Regina, who can’t believe who else is back (hint: it’s Marian ;)). We also see that Ursula is angry at Hook and proceeds to throw him overboard of… the Jolly Roger?

Keep Your Eyes Open

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