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Once Upon A Time 4×13 ‘Unforgiven’: It’s good to be back


“Unforgiven” was an excellent episode that answered last week’s big question: What did Snow and Charming do with the Queens of Darkness that they don’t want Emma to know about? It also saw the return of the Knave of Hearts in a… weird way. 

Emma seems to have taken sort of a backseat for this episode. Sure she did a lot of police work, but nothing she did really had a huge impact on the episode. She was mentioned a lot, mostly as the reason for Snow’s and Charming’s hatred of the Queens of Darkness, but again, Emma didn’t do much.

In fact, Regina and Henry got the most work done for Operation Mongoose. They got Pinocchio to come look at the book, which didn’t help at all. Then Regina went to apologize to Gepetto and got a bag that used to belong to August. Side note, I really miss August and don’t care much for Pinocchio as a child… Anyways, Henry looked through and didn’t find anything super helpful except a picture of a door with the word “Author?” written in August’s handwriting. So maybe they are a tiny bit closer to finding out how to get Regina’s happy ending.

Is Belle stupid? Not because of a certain kiss (which I will talk about later), but because she didn’t see Ursula’s tentacle slide all the way in to the back room, and all the way back out with a box. First of all, how didn’t she see it out of the corner of her eye? I guess she was just focused on making sure the two Queens didn’t try to kill her or something. Second, how is the tentacle so long? The bow had to have been at least 15 feet away from where they were all standing. One explanation could be that Ursula’s previous appearance in Season 3 was as a goddess of the sea. Maybe she really is a more powerful being than expected.

I was quite surprised to find out that Maleficent was pregnant. Who would have even slept with her and did they know that she could turn into a dragon? Maybe they are going to go all Maleficent on us… At least that would bring back Aurora. (Note: I did see a theory on Tumblr about who the baby is/was. It was further proved through pictures that surfaced online, although the person in the photograph may not portray who they are expected to.)

Did anyone else find it funny that Emma is using such an outdated computer? One person pointed out to me that, although the show takes place in (mostly) present-day with iPhones and high-tech devices, the town of Storybrooke is very much lower tech. Regardless, I still yelled at my TV: “You have magic, Emma! Upgrade your computer!” Hopefully they work on that soon.

Did anyone else catch Snow’s mention of Ashley/Cinderella? We haven’t seen her since the mom’s all met up with their babies. This was also the last time that we saw Aurora, but that’s beside the point. Apparently Snow still has time for friendships despite the trouble that the town always seems to be in. So, Ashley was watching Baby Neal.

Apparently the new ship is “Scarlet Beauty” and I think it’s my NOTP for Once Upon A Time. When I saw Will in the Pawn Shop, I immediately thought of how he bought two coffees that morning, and Granny called it “the usual” order… which means this has been going on for a little while. I still think Rumbelle is endgame. Same with Scarlet Queen. The Belle/Will kiss was probably just to make Rumpel jealous so that he will do something drastic and make everyone hate him but still love him. Speaking of “Scarlet Queen”, I still really hope that Anastasia shows up in Storybrooke.

So what do you think? What might have happened to Maleficent’s daughter? Will Regina locate the author by the end of the season to get her happy ending? Will Robin, Marian, Roland, Lily, August, adult Neal, and Anastasia ever make reappearances? We may never know. Okay, I guess we know a few of those will return, but if you don’t, then I won’t say who.

Next week, “Enter the Dragon”. It is definitely a reference to Maleficent being a dragon, so it is probably an episode centered around that character. As you may already know, there are also episodes coming up that center on Ursula and Cruella, and both are titled with very strong references to the characters. Also in the future, we may have a few characters returning. However, I will not list them because a few are major spoilers (especially how a few of them return…). Hint: I referenced at least one in this review. 😉

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