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Once Upon A Time 4×13 ‘ Darkness on the Edge of Town’: Greatest potential for darkness


Welcome back to the Once Upon A Time reviews, and hello to any new readers! In this week’s episode there was drama. There was running. There was not-so-great CGI. What more could you possibly ask for?

First off, I am very disappointed in the addition of Chernabog. Like, extremely upset. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that they included a classic, more unknown Disney character. (For those of you who don’t know, Chernabog had his first and only official Disney appearance in Fantasia.) The reason that I was so angry about it was that I have been under the impression that he is Disney’s incarnation of pure evil. Rumpel even says that Chernabog is “an ancient demon.” Demons=Evil.  Yet he was defeated by falling off of Emma’s car and into the barrier. So now I am just left hoping that somehow he isn’t really destroyed and is the final villain that they go up against at the end of the series.

Furthermore, the CGI was not the greatest in this episode. Chernabog, for example, looked very animated to me rather than being a “real” demon-creature. He didn’t even leave a dent in Emma’s car. Second, Ursula’s tentacles in the flashbacks were terrible. Like, White Rabbit from the Wonderland spin-off terrible. Then there was the whole cave scene where Rumpel got the curse and where Chernabog used to live. I am not a fan of the green screen scenes on the show. I prefer scenes, in the forest for example, where everything is much more real.

Going back to Chernabog on Emma’s car roof, this scene was very much a scene for the Swan Queen shippers. The panicked conversation that Regina had while trying not to think of being eaten was hilarious. Then Regina poofed out of the car. At first I thought she was running away. When they showed her at the barrier, I was like “oh, she’s going to help.” But now I wonder if Regina has an idea of what happened. Chernabog did not go after Regina when she disappeared. He continued to reach for Emma. So I think that Regina might have an idea that something bad could/might happen to Emma.

Operation Mongoose is going along well. Having Blue back to quickly explain things was nice. Knowing that the Sorcerer and the Author are two different people might make things harder, but it also might help. I mean, now they can focus on finding the Sorcerer who may or may not be able to tell them where/who the Author of Henry’s book is. Then again, the Sorcerer (who could possibly be Yen Sid) might not know because, like Blue said, no one has seen the Author in a very long time.

Group Drama

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Immediately following the diner scene, Emma, Regina, Belle, Hook, and Mary Margaret all went outside (in their almost overused dramatic group run) to see what was “killing property values this time.” My first thought was “where is Henry?” I quickly got over that when Emma gave out the jobs of who does what to find out what Chernabog was. Or at least, Emma tried to assign people things to do. She was interrupted by everyone already knowing what to do. Storybrooke just can’t have one day of peace, can it?

Quick little question: Was Elsa’s scroll planned to have the “Enter Storybrooke” power when the first half of the season was being written? Or did the writers just think “How do we get the Queens and Rumpel inside? What object can we use?” It’s not super important, but it’s a valid question.

Now, I already knew from interviews with the showrunners that the Charmings had run into the Queens of Darkness before. But the scene (one of three with David, might I add) where the “Don’t tell anyone, especially Emma” conversation took place made me even more interested to know what happened. It almost sounds as though the Charmings may have not been the best people at some point in their marriage.

Anyways, tune in next week to “Unforgiven”. I watched part of the promo, but the DVR cut the end of it off. Also, I don’t really remember what the promo was anyways. I just know that Maleficent is back in present day probably.

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