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Once Upon A Time 4×11 ‘Heroes and Villains’: Two more stops to make


What a spectacular mid-season finale! I enjoyed every minute of it. However, I kept asking more and more questions as the episode went on. The episode was good closure for the Frozen arc, but it got super confusing. 

The episode opened with Elsa melting the ice wall surrounding the town. Emma realized that there was still a remnant of the curse left on the town line, however, so no one can leave. Ever since Zelena’s curse was ended, I wondered why people weren’t coming and going whenever they felt like it. I mean, the flying monkeys were no longer a threat. But the writer’s needed something to keep the townspeople inside Storybrooke because that just causes more problems.

Curious Belle

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My initial thought on the Gauntlet was “CAMELOT IS CONFIRMED!” Then I realized that Sir Lancelot had already been seen on the show way back in Season Two, which means that the realm of Camelot was pretty much already confirmed to exist. Still, I was very excited to see new things in Rumpel’s castle. When it transitioned back to Present Day, I noticed Belle was asleep. Did she sleep through the whole spell of Shattered Sight? Jeez.

Marian was finally healed, which surely took a lot of mental and emotional strength for Regina to do. However, Outlaw Queen shippers screamed with delight to know the Robin Hood was choosing Regina and Marian was going to step out of the way should that be the case. Later on though, the same shippers screamed in anger and sadness when Regina told Robin to go with Marian and Roland into the Land Without Magic. Being an Outlaw Queen shipper myself, I was crushed that Regina’s happy ending was taken away from her once again. How even was Ingrid’s curse still present in Marian? Anyways, in the promo for the rest of the season, viewers were able to catch a glimpse of Robin Hood, so the family will most likely be returning somehow.

The humor was real during Belle and Henry’s scene together. Even I felt awkward with hearing Belle called “Grandma.” The fact that two of the most ignored main characters of the season had a scene together warmed my heart. I was also surprised that Henry was the one to help Belle finally realize that Rumpel was lying, but I am glad it finally happened.

Captain Swan

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Talking through the heart was a skill that hadn’t been seen since Season Two and I am still surprised that the users of this magic are so good at talking like their victims. Rumpelstiltskin has obviously spent a lot of time with Hook, but I still didn’t expect for him to throw in that last “love.” Emma should have done more investigating, though, because she obviously knew that something was wrong, yet she did nothing to solve it.

It was only a matter of time until Anna revealed her problems with Rumpelstiltskin. I wondered how Emma and the rest of the heroes would find out about the plan in time to save Hook. However, Belle was the actual savior in this situation. Although like I said earlier, Henry helped with that.

If the Arendelle characters going through the portal was the last that we saw of the characters, I would actually have been happier. With Hans and his brothers controlling the kingdom and the wedding still to come, I was suspecting an Arendelle spinoff. I was slightly disappointed when we saw the kingdom again, but that sadness was changed to joy when they referenced Anna punching Hans again and the whole chocolate deal. I mean, I still want a spinoff, but that is unlikely with the movie’s sequel, short, and Broadway adaptation. (Side Note: Did anyone see the Disney on Broadway special that aired right before Once? I got home right at the end of that, and they definitely mentioned Frozen coming to the stage.)

I noticed a lot of happiness from the Swan Queen shippers over the whole “drinking buddies” scene. However, many of those fans were also trashing Outlaw Queen and Captain Swan. I am not entirely opposed to Swan Queen. I just don’t really think it should be canon because I love Robin/Regina and Hook/Emma. Furthermore, I think that we as a fandom should at least tolerate other ships rather than tear each other down. This is the only fandom that I am a part of that trashes ships hardcore and it needs to stop.

I suppose you are wondering why I haven’t mentioned anything about the characters that play a big part in the upcoming rest of the season. Well that’s because I have A LOT to say.

The Sorcerer's Library

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First of all, bravo Henry for snooping and finding the hidden room. It is now 100% confirmed that the Sorcerer and the Author are one and the same. This time, one of my theories was actually correct. However, it is still unknown exactly WHO the Sorcerer is. Personally, I think that the writers of the show are going to include Yen Sid. After all, he is the original sorcerer and we have already seen the Apprentice (who was turned into a mouse which is an obvious reference to Mickey). Other people have thought that maybe the Apprentice is actually the Sorcerer and he just doesn’t want a target on his back.

Enough about him though. I was more excited, and confused, about our new set of villains. Cruella, Maleficent, and Ursula were all revealed to be significant in the upcoming second half of the season. Cruella has been one of the most requested villains and I am glad to see her on the show. But the only reason that she is even able to be a villain is because this time, the writers created a group of evil. The puppy killer would never stand a chance against Regina and Emma if she was alone. Ursula was brought back, although this time it was the REAL Ursula instead of just a statue (or the Evil Queen). I think that she will be an interesting character, should she be developed well. Finally, we saw the return of Kristin Bauer van Straten as Maleficent. She was last seen in the Season One finale (and the third episode of the Wonderland spinoff), although it seemed like she was killed. However, the character is going to be important in the next 11 or 12 episodes, so somehow she must be resurrected.

With every villain, there needs to be a hero. In each of the new villain’s respective movies, there is a hero that has been featured on the show. Pongo from 101 Dalmatians, Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and Aurora from The Sleeping Beauty. Hopefully we will see the return of these characters in the upcoming episodes, and they should probably bring back Archie since he is the current owner of Pongo.

These villains are all being gathered by Rumpel, who somehow was able to intimidate all three of the women into getting the Gauntlet back, and we will see what they have in mind for world domination soon. Although when Rumpel said they have two stops to make, I immediately thought about how the last place we saw Maleficent was underneath the library/clock tower.

Hopefully all will be explained during the rest of Season Four. Tune in to ABC on March 1, 2015 for “Darkness on the Edge of Town.”

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