Once Upon A Time 4×10 ‘Shattered Sight’: Love and hate


All great stories must come to an end. Except this isn’t exactly the end. With one more episode left this year, Once Upon A Time has done a really great job with the Frozen arc. In fact, I almost don’t even want to see the rumored sequel because I don’t think Disney could do any better than the show-runners have done. However, this episode did seem to finalize some things that I was almost shocked to see happen in a non-finale episode. 

OK, so I will still watch Frozen 2 if and when it comes out, but I’m just worried that it won’t be as good. Especially because I really like the way that the show explained the parents’ travels and how Kristoff and Anna grew as a couple.

It was really interesting to see everyone’s dark side this week. The loving Charmings fighting with each other? What? It happened, and Kristoff witness it all. Then Regina. Man, I love Evil Queen Regina. The sass is just the best thing ever. “What the hell am I wearing?” I found that to be the best quote of the season. The fact that she said it twice was great. Although Regina almost got killed because she almost harmed Baby Neal, and Mama Bear Snow was not about to let that happen. And the most evil of them all: Henry. I felt Hook’s pain as he slipped on those marbles. Then I heard Jared talk. He didn’t pull off the evil very well, but I still think his portrayal of normal Henry has gotten immensely better, even just since last season.

Evil Queen Regina

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Oh hey, we saw every main character this week and had a lot of Ingrid and Anna. Except that meant other characters got less screen time. Belle was asleep for the few seconds that we saw her. Will Scarlet was drunk, got knocked out, and still hasn’t had a meaningful storyline since he moved back to Storybrooke (which still hasn’t been completely explained, might I add).

However, I am still really scared about Rumpel succeeding in his plan. He gets the silver trophy for second scariest performance of the season, right after Ingrid’s threat. We find out that he doesn’t really care about Storybrooke existing or not. He just wants to rule the rest of the world. Great. On top of school work, I have a magical dictator to look out for. In all seriousness though, Robert Carlyle has done a wonderful job since the very beginning and I hope that he continues to be the lovable Dark One for many seasons to come.

I just knew that the girls would find the message in the bottle eventually. And what do you know? It was the object that saved the day, in one of the worst possible ways. I wish there would have been another way to stop the curse besides Ingrid dying. She would have been a good character to become recurring, or even to join an Arendelle spin-off which I heard was discussed by the show-runners, although with a Frozen sequel set to happen, Disney may not give any more rights to the characters for a while.

Although Ingrid may have died, I don’t think it has to be the very last time we see Elizabeth Mitchell on the show. We saw the day that Emma arrived at that home and the day when Ingrid said she wanted to adopt Emma. There are still memories in between, and maybe Ingrid taught Emma a few more lessons (hopefully that didn’t have to do with spiders). Although, the only (officially) dead person that has been seen is Graham – and Cora in the Wonderland spinoff – which doesn’t give me much hope on Ingrid returning.

Did you catch the Disney references this week? I caught one, but I found out that there are at least three more. First of all, Snow says something about “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah” which references the 1946 film Song of the South. The reference I caught was when David mentions Arendelle being frozen, and if you don’t understand that reference, you should probably go rewatch the film that Anna and Elsa come from. Next was Kristoff complaining that his sister-in-law kind of set off an eternal winter… everywhere. Okay, so he didn’t say that exactly, but you get the idea. Last but not least, the crane game. Emma’s prize was a dalmatian stuffed animal. Not only does this reference the film 101 Dalmatians, it also hints at events from the upcoming second half of the season.

Speaking of which, I do have a few things I want to say about the new villains of the season. In case you missed next week’s promo or didn’t watch it because you want the finale to be a surprise, you may want to stop reading now. When I saw a dalmatian (most likely Pongo) in the promo, I knew it was a hint. Then the bats I associated with Maleficent. What I didn’t expect was the reveal to happen in the promo. It seemed a little… different than they have previously done. Of course, they don’t want to have the same things happen every season because sometimes predictability is bad. But I didn’t expect to see Cruella, Maleficent, and Ursula (the real one; not Regina playing dress up) until the end of next week’s episode.

The rest of my thoughts on the trio of evil will be in next week’s review because that’s when they will be officially revealed. So expect the next review to be longer and have a lot about the three women, as well as my theories and expectations for the remainder of the season.

So, tune in next week for the winter finale “Heroes and Villains” aka my final review of 2014 (unless of course I need to fill in for someone, which hasn’t happened in a while).

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